Ghostly Manor House

Ghostly Manor House

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Elmer's Products
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Additional Information



  • Darice® House
  • Painters® paint marker set, fine:
    craft colors: violet; also black & white neon colors: green, blue, yellow, orange, pink
  • Painters® paint marker medium: hunter green, black
  • 25 - 30 Loew-Cornell® craft picks
  • 9"x12" Foamies® craft foam sheets: black, white, gray
  • Craft knife
  • Elmer's® CraftBond™ tacky glue
  • 1 medium 1 1/2" pompom
  • 7mm wiggle eyes
  • 4 black chenille stems
  • Spring clothespins
  • Marker or pen
  • Scissors: small & large
  • Krylon® Short Cuts Spray: flat black

1. Paint house with flat black Krylon® Short Cuts Spray.

2. Use neon green & neon orange to paint the gables, roof & window awning.

3. Use hunter green to paint base of house.

4. Use neon pink to paint inside of stars.

5. Use neon blue to outline gables & window awnings.

6. Draw door between the two square windows.

7. Use neon blue to paint door. Outline door in violet.

Trace moon on door & fill in with neon yellow. Outline moon in black.

8. Cut a 3 1/2"x1" black craft foam strip. Glue it inside the house, covering the two square windows.

9. Draw white & neon pink eyes in the square windows.

10. Trace 4 shutters on black craft foam. Cut out, color with violet & glue to front of house. Add black stripes. Allow to dry completely.

11. Trace ghosts on white craft foam. Cut out, add eyes & glue to windows.

12. Cut three 1" squares from white craft foam. Paint squares neon orange, neon green & violet. Cut 5 pieces for stones: 2 green, 2 orange & 1 violet. Adhere in front of door to make a stone walkway.

13. Paint craft picks: 2 each – violet, neon green, neon yellow, neon pink, neon blue, neon orange; 10 black.

14. Trim 12 neon craft picks to 2 1/8" for the center of the fence. Trim 4 black craft picks to 3" for fence posts.

15. Cut slits near the edge of base with the craft knife. Insert craft picks into slits & glue to the inside. Hold in place with clothes pins until dry. Cut 6 more black craft picks to fit along the outside of the fence. Secure with clothespins until dry.

16. To make spider, cut chenille stems into four 4" pieces. Wrap small piece of chenille stem around the middle. Spread chenille stems apart. Adhere black pompom to the middle. Add wiggle eyes. Allow to dry. Bend chenille stems to form legs. Glue spider to the roof.

17. Trace tree pattern on brown craft foam. Cut out & adhere to fence & house.

18. Trace bat pattern on black craft foam & cut out. Add orange eyes & glue bats to tree.

19. Trace gravestone pattern on gray craft foam. Cut out & write on grave marker. Glue to base & house.