Gift Wrapped Boxes

Gift Wrapped Boxes

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Red Heart
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  • Red Heart&® Boutique&™ Sashay&®, 1 ball each:
    Red A
    Tutu B
  • Medium gift boxes (2)
  • Small gift box (1)
  • Red chenille stem pipe cleaners (2)
  • White chenille stem pipe cleaners (6)
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks


Red Gift Box
1. Pull a length of yarn from ball. Stretch yarn open and wrap diagonally across top of box, down opposite corners and twist on bottom center of the box. Bring yarn back up around remaining corners and tie knot in center of top, allowing for a 12" end. Glue knot to top center of box to secure.
2. Cut yarn from ball leaving a 12" end. Thread red pipe cleaners through each end.
3. Using photo as a guide, shape ends into shape desired.

Pink Gift Boxes
Pull a length of yarn from the ball and locate white section. Cut white section of yarn.
2. Thread white pipe cleaner through length along edge opposite ribbon edge. Using photo as a guide, coil yarn tightly to form flower.
3. Repeat for light pink section of yarn, making one flower. Repeat for dark pink sections of yarn, cutting three sections and making three flowers.
4. Using hot glue gun and photo as a guide, layer flowers starting with white, from lightest to darkest. Glue flowers together. Glue flower to center top of small box.

Pull a length of yarn from the ball and thread with pipe cleaner.
2. Gather the yarn on the pipe cleaner to make ruffle, linking pipe cleaners together to make a longer ruffle as needed.
3. Using photo as a guide, wrap Ruffle around small gift box. Cut yarn from ball and link pipe cleaners together at ends. Using hot glue gun and photo as guide, glue Ruffle to box.
4. Repeat for large gift box.

cm = centimeter
yd(s) = yard(s)