Girl's Winter Outfit (Size 6)

Girl's Winter Outfit (Size 6)

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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Additional Information



Sewing machine 
Basic sewing supplies
2 yds of corduroy fabric
2 buttons 1 1/2” in diameter
Patterns for girl’s jumper
1 yd knit fabric
1 yd elastic
Pattern for girl’s leggings
Knit Top:
1 yd of knit fabric
Patterns for t-shirt
1. Cut out bodice, skirt and straps from patterns.
2. Stitch self-bodice front and self-bodice back together at side seams. Do the same for bodice front and back facings. 
3. Fold shoulder strap lengthwise, right sides together and stitch. Flip right side out and press. 
4. Fold inward ½” of one end of straps. Press and stitch. 
5. Stitch the raw edge of straps to back self-bodice, 1” from sides but flushed to top bodice edge. . 
6. With right sides together of self-bodice and bodice facing, with straps inside bodices, stitch together self and facing at all seams but bottom. Flip right side out and press. 
7. With bodice right side out, with a basting stitch, sew bottoms of bodice self and facing. 
8. Stitch skirt front and back together at side seams. Press. 
9. With upper end of skirt stitch a basting stitch all around. Pull threads to gather upper skirt. 
10. Stitch bottom bodice to gathered portion of skirt. Press. 
11. Press ½” of skirt hem upward to inside of skirt. Press another ½” upward and stitch close to edge. 
12. Make buttonholes on front bodice where marked. 
13. Sew buttons to straps. 
1. Pin pattern on fabric and cut out leggings. 
2. Press 1” of hem upward on legs and stitch close to raw edge. 
3. Stitch separate leg together. Press. 
4. Stitch crotch seam together to create leggings. Press. 
5. Measure waist and cut elastic measure length.  Stitch elastic together to create a loop. 
6. Stretch elastic to line up parallel to upper edge of leggings, on inside, and pin, ¼” from edge. 
7. Fold ¼” of top edge down around elastic and then fold elastic down towards inside of leggings so that knit incases elastic tightly. Stitch close to edge through elastic and knit, stretching elastic while stitching. Press if needed. 
Knit t-shirt top:
1. Using patterns cut out bodice and sleeves from knit fabric. 
2. Cut a 16 1/2”x2” strip of knit on the bias for neck facing. 
3. Sew side seams and shoulder seams of front and back bodice. Press seams open.
4. Sew under arm seams of sleeve. Press open seams. 
5. Fold up, inward, one inch of sleeve hem. Press. Stitch close to raw edge. 
6. Stitch sleeves to shirt. Make sure side seams and under arm seams match up. Press open seams. 
7. Fold up hem of shirt one inch. Press. Stitch close to raw edge of hem. 
8. With neck facing, right sides together stitch the width ends together. Press. 
9. Fold neck facing in half lengthwise with wrong sides together. Press. 
10. Stitch neck facing to neckline of shirt. Press. 
11. Fold facing inward to shirt. Stitch down ¼” from edge of neckline. Press.