Glamour Girl

Glamour Girl

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: iLoveToCreate
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Additional Information

Tulip fabric-crafting products:
Glam-It-Up! Iron-On Crystals, 300 Multi-color Pack
One-Step Dye, purple
Cordless Heat-Setting Tool
Aleenes Fabric Fusion
Aleenes Crystal Clear Acid Free Tacky Spray
2 extra-large T-shirts: gray, white
1/2 yd black lace
Satin ribbon: purple, maroon
Thread to match ribbon
Sewing needle
Sewing machine
Plastic tablecloth
Spray bottle
Measuring tape
Paper towels
Wax crayon

For best results, please read all instructions before beginning project. Refer to photo for color and design placement.
1. Lay both T-shirts flat on work surface. Measure, mark and cut from each shirt vertical right triangles measuring 12"
at the base x 26" height x 29" diagonal. Refer to Diagram 1.
2. Cover work surface with plastic tablecloth. Lay white triangles flat on covered surface.
3. Cut a piece from the black lace to use as a stencil. Place on one of the triangles.
4. Mix purple dye as directed on box. Pour into a spray bottle. Spray over lace swatch on triangle. Lift swatch and
move to another portion of triangle to spray. Continue process until both triangles are covered.
5. Cover triangles with plastic tablecloth and let set 6 to 8 hours or longer for most intense color. Rinse in warm
running water until runoff is clear, then wash in a large load of water with a small amount of laundry soap.
Dry separately.
6. To sew bag, first place coordinating fabric triangles right sides together and pin the 26" sides together, then sew
along edge.
7. With the triangles still right sides together and the 12" sides on the bottom, place the tips of the dyed triangle in
between layers of the gray triangle so that the 12" bases completely overlap. Make sure edges are completely
aligned, then pin and sew in place. Note: Once bag is turned right side out, the dyed triangle should be the one

8. Turn bag right side out. Pin the overlapping edges of fabric together, then sew the edges using a whipstitch or
Diagram 2
running stitch, being careful to only sew two layers at a time.
9. Tie the points at the top together with a square knot, leaving 2" tails.

10. To embellish tote, cut a large piece of remaining lace to fit over gray area of tote. Refer to photo.

11. Place lace swatch right side down on a piece of newspaper then spray lightly with Crystal Clear Acid Free Tacky
Spray. Flip over and place sticky side down on gray portion of tote. Press gently to adhere and let dry.

12. Cut out shapes from lace. Spray lightly with Crystal Clear Acid Free Tacky Spray and press onto bottom left
corner of dyed section of bag where desired with Fabric Fusion. Let dry.

13. Cut desired lengths of purple and maroon ribbons and use a needle and thread to sew a gather stitch along one
end of each strip. Pull thread to gather ribbons and form into rosettes, then stitch ends to hold in place. Glue over
lace swatch on dyed section of bag with Fabric Fusion. Let dry.

14. Cut a strip of maroon ribbon and pleat, then pin in place above lace section on gray side of tote. Place a strip of
purple ribbon over the top edge of pleated ribbon then pin in place. Sew both sides of purple ribbon to hold in place.

15. Use wax crayon to pick up Iron-On Crystals and place in centers of rosettes. Set Iron-On Crystals in place with
Cordless Heat-Setting Tool, following directions on package.

16. Embellish lace, ribbons and other areas of tote with Iron-On Crystals as desired.
Diagram 1
Created by iLovetoCreate