Gold Wirework Snowflake Ornament

Gold Wirework Snowflake Ornament

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Blue Moon Beads

Additional Information



  • Gold & pearl pendant
  • Crystal bicones, teardrops, rondelles & rounds
  • Gold metal spacer beads
  • Gold seed beads
  • 28-gauge gold wire
  • 22-gauge gold wire
  • Metal glue
  • 12" narrow gold ribbon
  • Wire cutters


1. Create the framework of the snowflake by twisting two strands of 22-gauge (thick) gold wire to form four larger “petals” at north, south, east and west.
2. Use more twisted double-strands to create secondary petals in between those, which are slightly smaller. Create decorative double loops at the ends of these secondary petals.
3. Glue metal pendants to the center of the snowflake, one on each side. Make sure the loops of both pendants are facing up.
4. Add beads across the center of this framework by using 28-gauge (fine) gold wire. Starting at the center, wrap onto one of the framework double wires, string on a few crystal beads and then wrap around an adjacent framework double wire to secure. Follow and repeat the same pattern of adding beads to each petal in this way.
5. Add beads to decorate the framework double wires themselves by wrapping around one, adding one bead, then wrapping again and adding a bead, and so forth.
6. Add gold ribbon to the loops of the center gold pendants to hang.