Golden Woodsy Art

Golden Woodsy Art

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  • Canvas
  • Multi-Surface Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint from Martha Stewart™ in Gold & Sterling
  • Wood Grain Rocker & Graining Comb from Martha Stewart™
  • Small brush


1. Prepare the canvas by spraying it with water.
2. Pour some Sterling paint over the entire canvas.
3. Paint all the canvas using the brush. Allow to dry
4. Pour the Gold color over the canvas.
5. Start dragging the Wood Grain Rocker, from top to bottom of the canvas.
6. To add realism to the texture, use the Graining Comb alternating with the Wood Grain Rocker.
7. If the paint starts to feel stiff or dry, mist with some water.
8. Cover the borders of the canvas with a golden spray paint to match the color of the grain.
9. When all the desired lines and textures are acquired, allow to dry before hanging on the wall.

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