Golf Club Covers

Golf Club Covers

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Bernat
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  • Bernat&® Satin&® (Solids: 3.5 oz; 108 yds; Ombres: 2.8 oz; 77 yds):
    A: Silk
    B: Admiral
    C: Lapis
  • Round loom blue (small)
  • 24 pegs, diameter: 5-1/2“
  • Pick
  • Yarn needle
  • Measuring tape


Approx 9“ around x 12“ long.

Make one in each color.

Directions for Circle Knitting:
1. Wrap yarn around peg on the edge of ring.
2. Pull yarn to the inside of ring between first and last pegs.
3. Wrap yarn around far side of first peg going completely around it and crossing in the back. Keep yarn loose. Repeat for second peg. Continue wrapping until all pegs are wrapped.
4. Slide yarn on each peg toward bottom of peg.
5. Continue wrapping around pegs until there are two rows of loops.
6. To hold loose yarn in place, wrap yarn around outside peg using a half-hitch. To make a halfhitch, use thumb and first finger to make a loop in yarn. Place this loop onto outside peg. Pull loop tight. Loop holds in place securely and is easy to remove when necessary to continue wrapping yarn. If loop slips, use two half-hitches. Knit following loom directions until work measures 4“.

Directions for Cuff (for round loom only):
1. Follow instructions as given for each project and knit Brim or Cuff (ribbing) to required length. Do not start new row of loops.
2. Reach into center of loom and pull each loop from bottom round over corresponding peg. The bottom loop is not exactly centered with peg. Continue around until all loops are placed over pegs. This will fold knitting in half to form Brim or Cuff.
3. Using pick, slip off bottom loop over top loop and peg.
4. Continue knitting for desired length.

Directions for Ribbed Stitch:
This stitch makes a ridge in the knitting. Follow steps 1 to 5 from above for Circle knitting.
5. Wrap 1 more round. There are three rows of loops.
6. Take the bottom loop over top two loops. Continue knitting, always slip off the bottom loop over top two loops, until desired length.

Finishing: Continue knitting following the instructions for “Ribbed stitch“, as given until work from beginning measures 12“. Remove work from loom following the instructions for “Gather stitch“.

Directions for Gather Stitch:
Note: This method of finishing is used to close tubes of knitting.
Cut yarn leaving a 12“ end. Thread end through yarn needle. Starting with the first peg, slip needle through loop on the peg and pull loop off the peg. Repeat for all pegs around. Pull yarn tight and fasten securely. Weave in end.

Pom-pom: Wind yarn around 4 fingers 70 times. Slip loops off fingers and tie tightly at center. Cut loops at both ends and trim to a smooth round shape. Attach pom-pom to top of Golf Club Cover.
| Crochet
Using yarn needle, weave in all ends.