Graduation Centerpiece

Graduation Centerpiece

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Provo Craft and Novelty, Inc.
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Additional Information



  • Cricut Expression Personal Electronic Cutter
  • Cricut Classmate cartridges: Learning Curve, Cursive 101, My World
  • Cricut Cuttables Cotton Vinyl, white
  • Transfer Tape
  • Cardstock: blue, white
  • Post-it! craft paper packs: Jewel Tone, Cosmic
  • Paper mache flowerpot
  • Ribbon: gold, blue
  • Styrofoam floral foam
  • 5 bamboo sticks
  • crinkle shred, gold
  • Blue paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Satin sealer
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive


  1. Paint the flowerpot blue. Allow to dry. Coat with satin sealer. Allow to dry.
  2. Change Cricut Expression machine settings so pressure is at low and blade depth is at 6.
  3. Use Cursive 101 cartridge & golden Post-it! Craft Paper, cut 2" letters to spell CONGRATS. Place on pot.
  4. Use Learning Curve cartridge and cotton vinyl, cut 1" letters to spell YOU DID IT! Place on pot as shown using transfer tape.
  5. Use golden craft paper. Cut one 2" <WellDone>, one 21/4" <StrStdnt>, and one 21/4" <Excellnt>. Repeat cuts with blue cardstock & Shadow Blackout feature. Layer together.
  6. Use My World cartridge and golden craft paper. Cut one 21/2"" <NwSchool>. Repeat cut with blue cardstock & Shadow feature. Layer together.
  7. Use Learning Curve cartridge and cotton vinyl. Press Shift & cut one 1-1/4" <Star>. Use transfer tape to place star on STUDENT piece.
  8. Use Cursive 101 cartridge & golden craft paper. Press Shift & cut one 21/2" <openbook>. Repeat on blue cardstock & Shadow feature. Layer together.
  9. Use Learning Curve cartridge & cotton vinyl, cut 1" numbers to form 2010. Tape 2010 on book.
  10. Place floral foamin pot. Cover with crinkle shred. Adhere STUDENT, WELL DONE!, EXCELLENT, school building & book to bamboo sticks. Tie blue & gold ribbon around sticks.
  11. Roll sheet of white cardstock. Tie with ribbon to resemble diploma. Assemble diploma & bamboo sticks in pot.