Graffiti Painted Stool Cover

Graffiti Painted Stool Cover

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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  • 16"x21" fabric — size may vary depending on size of stool
  • Medium & detail brushes
  • Black marker
  • Fabric markers: green & blue or colors of choice
  • Tulip® Soft® Fabric Paints, Matte: White, Royal Blue, Turquoise, Cool Blue, Olive, Lime
  • Garbage bag or paper to protect work surface
  • Footstool
  • Tape measure
  • Staple gun & staples
  • Tack hammer & pliers
  • Pencil
  • Acrylic paint & paintbrush for legs

Read through the directions before starting & use the photo as a guide.
Lay the paper or plastic bag onto work surface to protect it from any paint that bleeds through the fabric. Allow paint to dry thoroughly between each step before continuing.

1. Basecoat the piece of fabric with white paint, make sure to paint a few inches larger than the size of the stool.
2. Apply a wash of the colors. Fade them into one another but don’t mix them too much. This will be the background. Allow to thoroughly dry before continuing.
3. With the turquoise paint, freehand paint swirls and designs on the fabric. Allow to thoroughly dry before continuing.
4. Outline the turquoise designs with black marker.
5. Draw lines and swirls between the turquoise designs with blue and green paint markers to add detail.

1. Assemble footstool. Draw light pencil line on wooden base around each leg. Remove legs. The penciled circle indicates where the fabric must not go.
2. Paint or cover legs and allow to dry. Repeat for second coat.
3. Mark center of each side of the stool and the edges of the fabric.
4. Line up the center mark of one long side of fabric and match it up to the mark on the stool. Staple fabric to the stool at that mark and staple one or two staples on each side of middle.
5. Repeat on the opposite side of the stool, pulling the fabric tight for a snug fit.
6. Staple from the middle out on both sides up to about an inch from the corner.
7. Repeat with the short sides of the stool. Hammer the staples into the wood further if needed. Use pliers to pull out staples that need to be removed.
8. Pull the corners snug, form a pleat and staple it in place, avoiding the circled area where the leg goes. Trim excess fabric.
9. Reassemble stool.