Green Two Strand Bracelet

Green Two Strand Bracelet

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Blue Moon Beads/Westrim Crafts
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Courtesy oflue Moon
Beads/Westrim Crafts


1-two loops togglelasp #60526

19-5mmreenound raku beads #BM74707-LE-016
8- green oval rakueadBM74817-LE-016
9- green/silverquare spacersead shop # 52 #5316
36- flat pointed silver spacersead shop # 52 #5316
24 silver tiger tail
1-decorativeead pin55525
3 of 22Ga silver wire.
4-silver crimp beads
1. Cut two 12 lengths of tigerail.
2. Attachirst wire to one of the twooops on the clasp bar usingrimp bead and
start to string bracelet components in the following order:

(5mm green round raku bead, twolat pointed silverpacers, green oval raku
bead, two flatointed silver spacers, 5mmreen round raku bead, green/silver
squarepacer), 5mm greenound raku bead.
3. Attachigerail endo the one loop of togglelasp.
4. Attachecond wireo the other loop of togglelasp bar and string components
inheollowing order:

(5mm greenound rakuead,reen/silver squarepace, 5mm greenound
raku bead, two flat pointedilver spacers, green oval raku bead, twolat
pointed silver spacers) x, 5mm greenoundaku bead.
5. Attachigerail endo the other loop of togglelasp.
6. Trim excessigerail.
7. String green/silverquare spacer on a decorative head pin.ake arapped

8. String two flat pointed silverpacers,mmreen round rakuead, two flat
pointed silverpacersn the middle of 3 piecef 22Ga silver wire.

9. Make wrappedoops on the both sides of thisead unitnsuringhat its
connected toheeadrom Step 7n one side ando a togglelasp loop on
Skillevel:omexperience helpful
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