Grey and Orange Quilt

Grey and Orange Quilt

Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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  • 10-12 fat quarters of coordinating quilt fabric for pieced strips
  • 2 yards fabric for wide strips
  • 1/2 yd fabric for narrow framing strips
  • 1/2 yd fabric for binding
  • 3½ yds fabric for quilting backing
  • 54"x70" rectangle of batting
  • Basic sewing/quilting supplies
  • Iron & ironing surface

1/4" seam allowance used throughout. WOF=width of fabric.

1. Cut approximately ninety to one hundred 3½"x9" rectangles from the coordinating fat quarters. Hint: Press and stack four fat quarters with selvage edges even. Cut two 9"x22" strips from the stacked pile. Sub cut each strip into 3½"x9" rectangles. Repeat for all of the fat quarters.
2. Select two rectangles. Lay one rectangle at an angle on top of the second rectangle with right sides together. Stitch along the long edge of the top piece. Trim unneeded seam allowance. Press with seam allowances toward top rectangle.
3. Continue adding rectangles altering angles as desired until pieced strip measures approximately 15". Hint: After several rectangles have been added, check strip to be sure it remains somewhat straight. Adjust placement angle as needed to maintain a “straight" strip. Trim to create a 6½" wide strip.
4. Continue adding rectangles and trimming strip until pieced strip measures 6½"x61". Make three pieced strips.
5. For narrow framing strips, cut ten 1½" WOF strips. With right sides together, stitch short ends together. Cut six 61" lengths from the pieced length.
6. With right sides together, stitch a narrow framing strip to each long side of the pieced strips. Press with seam allowance toward the narrow strip.
7. For wide strips, cut four 6½"x61" lengthwise strips. Alternate wide strips with framed strips and stitch together.
8. Piece backing as needed to make a 54"x70" rectangle.
9. Layer backing, batting and pieced top. Quilt as desired.
10. From binding fabric, cut six 2½" WOF strips. Stitch short ends together. With wrong sides together and long edges even, press. Stitch binding to quilted piece with right sides together and raw edges even. Turn to back and whipstitch in place.

Finished quilt size: 48"x60"