Halloween Boa Wreath

Halloween Boa Wreath

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  • Maraboa boa - orange
  • Styrofoam wreath - small
  • Foamie™ – black, yellow
  • Cardstock – yellow
  • Black ribbon - scrap
  • Star punch
  • Straight pins with yellow heads
  • Gems – 2
  • Scissors
  • Pinking shears


1. Wrap the orange boa around the wreath, and secure with straight pins.
2. Cut a circle of black Foamie™ and attach to the back of the wreath. Pink a small yellow circle and glue it inside the wreath opening. Cut a black Foamie™ bat and glue it over the moon. Attach 2 gems for eyes.
3. Punch several stars from yellow cardstock and insert a yellow-head straight pin through the center. Push each pin partially into the wreath.
4. Attach a ribbon loop to the back of the wreath, for hanging.

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