Halloween Door Hanger

Halloween Door Hanger

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  • Canvas, linen, burlap or other woven heavyweight fabric
  • 14" piece of wood dowel
  • 1/2 yd rope, cord or ribbon for hanging
  • June Tailor® Fusible Fabric Cotton Sheets
  • Computer & ink jet printer
  • Iron & ironing surface
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine


1. Cut fabric to measure 18"x14".
2. Fold top edge 1/2", wrong sides together, and press. Then fold 1-1/2" wrong sides together, press and pin to hold in place.
3. Stitch hem close to the folded edge to create casing.
4. Create designs on the computer using graphics, text and/or photos.
5. Following all manufacturer instructions included with the Fusible Fabric Cotton Sheets print fabric designs. Trim if necessary.
6. Position finished designs on wall hanging, centering top to bottom and side to side. Press in place according to manufacturer instructions.
7. Slightly cut side and bottom edges of wall hanging, making sure that they are not perfectly straight. Remove fabric threads to fray edges.
8. Insert dowel into casing.
9. Attach cord to dowel for hanging.

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