Halloween Treat Containers

Halloween Treat Containers

Project Courtesy of: Zink
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  • hAppy™ or hAppy+™ Smart App printer
  • ZINK Design & Print Studio™ app
  • 2" zRoll™
  • Halloween Party design pack
  • Trick-or-Treats art pack
  • Halloween Characters art pack
  • Haunted Halloween art pack
  • Halloween Gift Tags art pack
  • Houndstooth background pack
  • Halloween background pack
  • Pugsley font
  • Cardstock: black & purple
  • Glue
  • Tape or tape runner
  • Adhesive foam squares
  • Black thread
  • Paper trimmer
  • Decorative edge scissors
  • 1" circle punch
  • 1/8" hole punch
  • Beverage bottles
  • Toothpicks or wooden coffee stir sticks


1. Launch the ZINK Design & Print Studio™ app. Tap Library on the home screen.
2. On the Library screen tap Designs and scroll to the Halloween Party design pack where you will find the ready-made designs for the cupcake flag, bottle decoration, name plate. Instructions for candy jar wraps are also provided below.

Halloween Cupcake Picks
1. Insert a 2" zRoll™
2. Scroll through the Halloween Party design and select pumpkin and bat art (HP-7 and HP-8). Print as many of each design as needed for cupcakes.
3. Peel and place each printed image onto a piece of white cardstock.
4. Cut around each image as shown leaving about 1/16" of cardstock around the outside of each shape.
5. Tape a toothpick onto the back of each image, and place one design into each cupcake.

Halloween Place Cards
Insert a 2" zRoll™
2. Cut purple cardstock into 7-1/4"x6" strip. Repeat as many times as needed for each guest. Fold each place card in half as shown in project photo.
3. Scroll through the Halloween Party design pack and select the place card design element (HP-6). Edit the name on the label. Tap typeface to change the font style. Tap print. Repeat for each guest.
4. Peel away paper backing and place label onto the folded cardstock.

Halloween Drink Bottle Wraps
1. Insert a 2" zRoll™
2. Scroll through the Halloween Party design pack and select the bottle décor design elements (HP-10, HP-11, HP-12, HP-13, HP-14, HP-15, and HP-16). Print one of each element for each drink bottle.
3. Use 1" hole punch to cut six circles from each of the Halloween backgrounds (HP-12, HP-13, and HP-14). Fold in half and then peel and place folded circles evenly on a piece of thread. Repeat for each bottle (see project photo) and set aside.
4. Cut 8-1/2"x3-1/2" pieces from black cardstock. Use a fancy edge trimmer.
5. Peel backing away and place (HP-10) over the black cardstock. Wrap the layered cardstock around drink bottle and glue in place.
6. Use a 2" hole punch to cut a circle from purple cardstock. Repeat for each bottle. Peel backing away and place purple lollipop image (HP-12) onto purple circles. Cut around all (HP-13). Place a foam square on the back of each image and adhere to circle design. Adhere entire layered circle to front of bottle as shown in photo. Repeat for all bottles.
7. Tie circle banners around the neck of the bottle. Hang tags around bottle tops.

Halloween Jar Wraps: These design elements would be suitable for use on different size candy or display jars.
Insert a 2" zRoll™
2. Scroll through the Halloween Party design pack and select the jar wrap design elements (HP-1, HP-2, HP-3, HP-4, and HP-5). Print one of each.
3. Measure around jars and cut black cardstock strips to that length. Cut the width to 4" allowing 1" above and below the 2" label. Make the black band wider or narrower at this time. Adhere cardstock around jars with adhesive. Peel backing away and place labels along the center of the black cardstock strips adhering at the back of jar.
4. Repeat the process for each jar.