Handprint Butterfly on Paper

Handprint Butterfly on Paper

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  • Loew Cornell® Paper Pad
  • Scrapbook or construction paper – Pink (2 shades), Purple
  • Paints – Green, Blue
  • Small rhinestones - variety
  • Small flower punch
  • Brush
  • Pencil (for tracing hand)
  • Scissors
  • Dimensional adhesive (to raise paper layers)
  • Tacky glue


1. Paint top of paper blue and bottom of paper green, using light brushstrokes with little paint.
2. Trace and cut out 2 handprints and attach to background with dimensional adhesive.
3. Cut the body and head and attach. Cut a narrow strip of purple paper and crimp it. Cut the strip in half and attach behind the head for antennae.
4. Punch out flowers from scraps of paper and attach a rhinestone to each. Glue to the butterfly wings and antennae.
5. Glue on flower eyes and embellish with different rhinestones. Add a mouth. Glue remaining flowers to background. Allow to dry.
6. Have child write his/her name on artwork.

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