hAppy Holiday Wreath

hAppy Holiday Wreath

Crafting Time:
  • Over 5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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Additional Information



  • 2" ZINK® zRoll™
  • 3/8" Zink® zRoll™
  • Polk A Dot background pack, or background of choice
  • Christmas Tags 1 Art Pack (optional)
  • Lace Trim 2 Art Pack, or pattern of choice
  • Color backgrounds pack
  • 8" green foam ring
  • Tiny hole punch, wide enough for brad to fit into
  • Long-armed button brad, white or color of choice (1)
  • Dark brown or dark green tissue wrap paper (6 sheets, any size)
  • 3/8" or 1/2" straight pins (500)
  • Red-tipped 1" or 1-1/2" straight pins (30+)
  • 1-1/2" straight pins (2)
  • Medium leaf punch/ small leaf punch


1. Load a 2" zRoll into your ZINK® hAppy™ and turn it on
2. Tap New Design, Size blank canvas to 2"x8"
3. To create leaves, select the background of choice. Using the color pallet, adjust the color to the shade preferred. Using different shades of leaves adds depth. Tap approve.
4. Tap print. Print 16 strips of first color and set them aside to punch later. Repeat process above for other 2 shades and print 16 strips of each shade. Set aside.
5. Load a 3/8? zRoll.
6. Tap New Design, size blank canvas to 3/8"x15".
7. For top strip, tap background and select the Color Background Pack. Select the red shade of your choice. The top strip will be adhered to the back of the bottom strip to create a two-sided ribbon. Tap approve.
8. Tap on Art. Tap on the Christmas Tags 1 Art Pack. Select the word “peace" and position it to the far left of the design strip. Tap Stamp and create as many peace words across the strip as desired. For consistent spacing, with room in-between, tap over and over until ribbon is covered in phrase “peace." Then delete every other one so there is consistent spacing. Tap approve.
9. Tap print. Print 10 strips. Set aside.
10. Create a new design in same size and with same red background as the one just created. Add an art element to the strip. For the art design used in this project, tap on Lace Trim 2 Art Pack. Select the lace of choice or any other pattern for the back of the ribbon. Tap on Stamp to repeat the pattern across strip. Tap approve. Tap print. Print 10 strips. Set aside.
11. To join front and back strips together, remove the paper backing on one top strip and one back strip. On a hard, flat surface, place the top strip about 1/2" to 3/4" from the end of the bottom strip and adhere them back-to-back. The sticky backs will adhere together. Repeat this process with all strips.
12. Adhere three of the double-sided strips together in a continuous run by matching the overlapping ends together. This will create long ribbons, 2 that are 3 strips long and 1 that is 4 strips long. Set ribbons aside.
13. Next using short straight pins, wrap the entire green foam wreath tightly with folded strips of dark tissue paper. Pin into place and continue wrapping with next strips of paper until entire wreath is wrapped.
14. Punch all green strips out with leaf punches. This should yield about 5 leaves per strip on medium leaves and about 10 per strip on small leaves, depending on the size of the punch. Punch all strips (except for one) with the medium leaves and only one strip (of each shade green) punched with the small leaves. This should yield about 225 medium sized leaves and 30 small leaves.
15. Pin the larger leaves around the wreath. Use layering and arching to add “realism." Do not apply all leaves “flatly." Hide pins by layering as much as possible. Apply leaves in the direction on wreath to look like a real wreath would look. Use small leaves to fill in tiny spaces. Use the red pins on the small leaves to add a hint of berries.
16. Weave the first strip of ribbon down the right side of wreath and adhere with pins in the back of wreath. Weave ribbon to left side of wreath. Work from top (back of wreath) to bottom (back of wreath), leaving two long streams of ribbon coming out from bottom.
17. For final touches, create a bow by cutting small progressive strips out of the longer ribbon strip. Creating small progressive length loops, punch a hole in end of loops and thread onto the long armed brad. Create a tiny loop that wraps around brad to slightly hide the brad, threading it first to cover brad. Proceed to thread the other progressing-sized loops, starting with the smallest first and proceeding to the largest. Rotate sides as the top ribbon to add a bit of flare.
18. Once you have the bow completely threaded, bend the arms of the brad out and pull tightly into place. Using a 1-1/2? straight pin, pin the back of bow to the lower front of wreath.