hAppy Holidays Gift Box and Bow

hAppy Holidays Gift Box and Bow

Crafting Time:
  • Weekend Project
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Zink
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Additional Information



  • hAppy™ or hAppy+™ Smart App printer
  • ZINK Design & Print Studio™ app
  • 2" zRoll™
  • 1" zRoll™
  • 3/4" zRoll™
  • 1/2" zRoll™
  • hAppy™ Holidays Gift Box design pack
  • Paisley background pack
  • Geometric 2 background pack
  • Geometric 3 background pack
  • Chiyogami background pack
  • Cursive serif font
  • White gift box with lid: 3-1/2"x3-1/2"x3-1/2"
  • Fiskars® Scallop Border punch
  • 1/8" hole punch
  • Large brad (long enough to hold several layers of zRoll paper)
  • Optional for bow: green florist wire and one 1/2" or 1" bead


1. Launch the ZINK Design & Print Studio™ app. Tap Library on the home screen.
2. On the Library screen tap Designs and scroll to the hAppy Holidays Gift Box where you will find the ready-made designs for the box and bow.

Printing the Box and Lid design elements:
3. Insert the appropriate size of zRoll™ as noted on each label.
4. For the box, print one each of: 05 GB strip 1; 05 GB strip 2; 05 GB strip 3.
5. For the box lid: make 3 prints of 05 GB top 1, and 2 prints of 05 Gb top 2.
6. Use the scallop border punch to create the decorative edging along one side of each strip. TIP: The zRoll™ paper punches more cleanly if aligned with a strip of plain copier paper along the edge to be punched. Tape the paper down lightly facing the printed label.
7. Slide the layers paper-side down into the punch starting in the center of the strip. Press down firmly. Move both layers carefully to the next position and finish punching the entire length.

Assembling the Box bottom
8. Starting at a bottom corner of the box, peel back the first inch of backing from the short edge of ’05 GB strip 3’ to expose the adhesive.
9. Align the scalloped edge toward the box bottom and lightly attach the strip to one corner. Refer to the photo for spacing from bottom edge. Wrap the strip around the box to check the fit.
10. Next work in sections and peel back the rest of the backing paper and lightly place the strip onto the box. The ends should overlap slightly. Trim off excess.
11. Once in place, press and smooth out the ZINK paper strip onto the box.
12. Continue in the same manner to place ‘05 GB strip 2’ above the first.

Assembling the Box lid
13. In the same manner as the box bottom, place and adhere ‘05 GB strip 1’ onto the outer side of the lid. Check the centering of the “hAppy Holiday” lettering before pressing firmly into place.
14. Arrange the short strips (05 Gb top 2, 05 GB top 1) in an alternating row on the top of the lid. Adhere each strip to the lid.

Printing the Bow (use 1", 3/4" and 1/2" zRolls)
15. Print 4 each of: 04 GBow outside, 04 GBow inside 2, 03 GBow outside, 03 GBow inside 2, 02 GBow outside, 02 GBow inside 2
16. Print one each of: 01 GBow loop outside, 01 GBow loop inside 2

Assembling the Bow
17. The bow is created with loops that are made by adhering two printed strips back-to-back and attaching at the ends. The outside of each loop is the dark green print, and the inside is the white print.
18. Line up the prints created in previous steps by width and match up the green outside and white inside prints for each loop. There are 12 matched pairs for the main part of the bow and one pair for the center of the bow.
19. Now adhere the pairs back-to-back. Peel back about an inch of backing on each strip. With the adhesive sides facing, offset the alignment on the leading ends by 1/2" and work down the strip to adhere the sides together. Peel off the backing while sliding the strips between your fingers or along a table edge.
20. At the end of the strip there should be an exposed edge of adhesive on one strip. Bring that end around and attach to exposed adhesive on the leading edge of the strip. This circular loop will become 2 loops of the bow.
21. Repeat steps 18 and 19 to assemble the rest of the circular loops for the bow.
22. In the group there will be one small circular loop. This will be the single loop for the top of the bow. Punch one hole in the center of the width.
23. Fold each of the remaining loops in half length-wise and make a crease on each end. Use the 1/8" punch to make a hole in the center of each crease.
24. Organize the loops by width. There should be four 1" wide, four 3/4" wide, four 1/2" wide circular loops, and one small loop for the top of the bow.
25. Take the smallest loop and insert the brad through the single hole.
26. Working from the smallest to the largest, add the circular loops. Take one of the 1/2" loops, fold it to align the two holes, and slide it onto the brad.
27. Continue adding the rest of the 1/2" loops, and the 3/4" loops and finally the four 1" loops. Push the loops down firmly against the head of the brad. Open and bend the brad ends back against the last loop.
28. Move the loops to arrange them around the small center loop.
29. Attach the bow to the box lid with strong double-sided tape or adhesive foam squares.

Option for assembling bow loops: Use a wire and bead to hold the loops for the bow.
Cut a 4" length of green florist wire. Slide a large bead to the center of the wire, fold in half, and twist wire together below the bead. Starting with step 21, slide the loops onto the wire. The bead will be in the center of the small loop. Punch a small hole in the center of the box lid and insert the wires. Twist the wire inside the lid to hold the bow in place. Fold back and trim the wire neatly. Adhere a 1" piece of white tape or zRoll paper over the wire to hold it into place.