Heart Necklace

Heart Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Amaco
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Additional Information



  • Fimo Soft Polymer Clay - Black
  • Tri-Bead Roller
  • Tube Bead Roller, 6 & 8 mm
  • Bead Baking Rack
  • Amaco Polymer Clay Craft Oven
  • Rubber stamp with words
  • Silver Leaf Rub n Buff or Silver acrylic paint
  • Makeup sponge
  • Silver spacer beads of choice
  • Black glass beads of choice
  • Crimp beads
  • Beading wire
  • Toggle
  • Basic jewelry tools


  1. For bead-rolling basics, refer to manufacturer's instructions throughout.
  2. Using Fimo Soft Polymer Clay, create four black oval beads and two black bi-cone beads with Tri-bead roller. Create two black beads with 8mm tube bead roller. Create hole and gently roll tube beads over rubber stamp to apply texture.
  3. For heart pendant, shape a 2" clay ball into a teardrop. Flatten teardrop and make an indentation at the top to form heart shape. Refine to desired heart shape. Gently stamp with texture. Press in hole from side to side. Bake on bottom of baking rack along with other beads for 30 minutes.
  4. Dab silver paint onto heart pendant, tube beads, two oval and both bi-cone beads with make-up sponge. Allow to dry.
  5. Measure two strands of beading wire approximately 18" long. Secure beading wire to toggle with crimp beads. Strands alternate between clay beads and glass beads allowing a 1" space in between. Crimp before and after each bead pattern to secure in place.
  6. Strand one uses tube beads alternating with glass beads and black clay beads.
  7. Strand two begins with crimp, spacer, bi-cone, spacer, crimp; measure 1" down, crimp, silver spacer, crimp; 1" down, crimp, spacer, silver oval, spacer, crimp: add heart pendant and repeat pattern backwards.
  8. Finish by securing beading wire to opposite end of toggle with crimp beads.
  9. Note: Necklace can be made to any size desired. Adjust the amount of beads accordingly.