Holiday Cardcrafting

Holiday Cardcrafting

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
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Additional Information



  • Specialty paper stacks, pad or pack
  • Silver scalloped cards
  • Patterned papers
  • Clear acrylic stamps, brown ink pad
  • Stickers
  • Silver labels
  • Brads, small green
  • Eyelets, small square silver
  • Ribbons, assorted short lengths
  • Metal bookplate
  • Button
  • Metal phrase
  • Paper trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Scallop shears
  • Craft knife, self-healing surface
  • Ruler, pencil, eraser
  • Gluestick
  • Large adhesive dots
  • Computer-generated messages
  • Paper punches: hole, circles
  • Needle, embroidery floss
  • Pushpins



  1. Create a card 8-1/2"x3-1/2". Print JOIN US… top front of the card. Print smaller DINNER on white cardstock. Print dinner party information of the back side of card (which will be the inside of the folded invitation).
  2. Attach DINNER inside silver bookplate. Tie coordinating ribbon through holes; trim the ends.
  3. Using 3 coordinating papers, draw a knife, fork and spoon on the backs of the papers. Cut out and glue the utensils to the front of the card, overlapping at the center. Attach bookplate over the utensils.


  1. Score and fold one of the cards. Position over a second card and punch holes for eyelets. Attach eyelets.
  2. Cut a smaller piece of green paper and scallop cut the edges. Attach square silver stickers.
  3. Mat metal CHRISTMAS plate on green paper and attach with green brads through both layers of the card. Tie ribbon through the top two eyelets. Optional: Create easel-back for card from third silver card, cut into a wedge shape. Fold down 1/2" at top; glue to the back of the card. Anchor easel near bottom with short length of ribbon to prevent the card from collapsing.


  1. Cut patterned cardstock to 6"x6". From scrap coordinating paper, cut 2 strips; glue horizontally at top and bottom of the front of card. Draw stocking shape on back of green patterned paper; cut out.
  2. Adhere stocking to coordinating green scrap; trim, leave small border. Glue stocking to the front of the card.
  3. Stamp PEACE in brown ink on green scrap; trim to tag shape. Mount on red scrap; attach to top of stocking. Attach rhinestone button and small ribbon bow at top of stocking, with large adhesive dot. Write message inside.


  1. Cut 11"x7-1/2" green stripe, for front and back of card. Cut 3"x5-1/2" green snowflake cardstock, for riser. Cut 7-3/4"x1-1/8" green snowflake cardstock for front stiffener. Cut 7-3/4"x1-1/2" red cardstock for front stiffener. Cut 2-3/4"x3" red cardstock for pocket on riser. Cut 4 holly leaves from holly paper.
  2. Place green stripe cardstock face-down, horizontally. Measure 3-3/4" down from top dividing cardstock in half; make tick marks at left and right edges. Draw horizontal line. Measure 2" and 3-1/4" from left. Draw 2 vertical lines.
  3. Mountain score (use pushpin) the 2" line, and valley score the 3-1/4" line. Crease along score lines; cut card in half along horizontal line, using paper trimmer or ruler and craft knife).
  4. Place riser cardstock right side up horizontally. From the bottom left corner, measure up 1-1/8" and across 1-1/8"; make tick marks. Valley score between 2 tick marks; fold the corner up.
  5. Place one card panel face down, horizontally. The Mountain fold will be at the right side and the valley fold to its left. Apply glue to back side of small triangle on the riser and attach it to the card with triangle centered between the folds and with upper right corner of the triangle 3/8" from top edge of card. The long sides of the riser are parallel to the folds of the card. Hold glued triangle down.
  6. Push folds together to lower the riser. Take remaining card component and position it over card with riser. The mountain fold will be at the left, and the valley fold to its right. Lift the top panel of card and set it above card with the riser. With bottom card still folded, insert piece of scrap paper under fold ; apply glue to the right panel of the back component. Apply glue, remove scrap paper and attach top part of card to bottom part. Attach other end of card in the same way. Glue card so that it lies flat. Burnish both ends of card. Trim card with scissors or paper trimmer.
  7. Stamp NOEL and the snowflake with brown ink onto the green stiffener strip. Glue to red stiffener strip. Punch holes every 1/2. Stitch with 2 strands of floss. Glue to card.
  8. Cut half-circle notch from the pocket rectangle. Punch holes through both thicknesses, riser and pocket; stitch with 2 strands of floss Decorate front of card and pocket with green holly leaves and red berries.
  9. Cut 2 green triangles, 2-1/2"x1-1/8". Refer to photo. Trim long ends to 1/2" depth, into points. Glue remaining part of rectangle under card flaps so only points are visible from front.


  1. Cut 7-1/4"x5-1/2" red cardstock for card panel. Cut 2-1/4 "x3-1/4" white panel. Cut 3"x3-3/4" white panel. Cut 2-1/2"x3-1/2" striped panel. Cut 2-3/4"x2-5/8" green panel. Cut 1-7/8"x2-1/2" green panel. Cut or punch 3 hearts. Using 2 sizes of circle punches, punch 6 circles.
  2. Place the red cardstock panel face-down, horizontally. Measure over from the left edge, 2-7/8" and 4-3/8". Make tick marks top and bottom and draw two vertical lines from top to bottom.
  3. Measure down 1" and 4" from top of card and draw 2 horizontal lines from left to right. Grid will resemble tic-tac-toe pattern. Mark dots on right vertical line at top and bottom as well as where horizontal lines intersect.
  4. Draw 2 more vertical lines, 1-3/4" and 5-1/2" from left edge, starting and stopping at top and bottom horizontal lines. Grid resembles a window with shutters.
  5. Cut around the top, left and bottom of left rectangle. Cut around top, right and bottom of right rectangle.
  6. Valley score the upper and lower parts, not the center of the left vertical line; fold and crease scores. Open up card; make small pushpin holes through four dots on wrong side. Flip card over and mountain score upper and lower parts of right vertical line, using pierced holes to align ruler. Fold and crease scores. Erase pencil lines.
  7. Attach larger white panel to front swivel panel (which will be partially hidden when the card is in a closed position). Push sides of card together to close it. Attach metal quote to small green panel. Ink the edges; mount it on the card so it is visible when the card is closed.
  8. Stamp JOY on punched circles; attach to the card. Trim edges of circles even with card edge and attach extras. Attach the final JOY circle to the smaller white panel and write or computer generate the message. Mount on striped panel, then on green panel and attach to the remaining swivel panel of the card.
  9. Ink edges of the 3 hearts and attach 1 to metal quote, the other two alongside of it on the white panel.