Hot Air Balloon Mobile

Hot Air Balloon Mobile

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Pellon
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*For Template, click on PDF link above.


1 - Fat Quarter each of 3 different patterns (sample used Straw Hat Grey, Tweetly Tweet Blue & Flower Bed Blue by Cloud 9 Fabrics for JOANN)

1 – package Pellon® Perfect Loft™ Cluster Fiber Fill

1 – package Pellon® 987F Fusible Fleece

1 – package Pellon® SF101 Shape-Flex®

1 – 1” x 3” rectangle Pellon® 72F Peltex® II

1 – Craft-sized package Pellon® Nature’s Touch® White Cotton Batting

Hot Air Balloon Templates

Embroidery Thread


Dowel, Embroidery Hoop or Stick for hanging

Sewing Machine & Related Supplies

Iron & Ironing Board

Invisible Marking Pen




Follow manufacturer’s instructions for application of all interfacing. All seams are 1/8” unless otherwise indicated. RST = Right Sides Together

1.            Print and cut out templates.

2.            Trace 2 balloon templates onto wrong side of each patterned fabric and cut out. Trace 6 balloon templates onto Fusible Fleece and cut out ¼” smaller than traced line.

3.            Fuse 1 Fusible Fleece to wrong side of  each balloon fabric.

4.            Determine layout of fabrics. Place first two RST and sew along one edge. Place third piece RST with one edge and sew. Continue until all pieces have been joined, making sure to leave a 3” gap along one seam for turning.

5.            Turn right side out through gap. Using embroidery thread, add a loop to both the top and bottom of the balloon for hanging and addition of the basket.

6.            Using Perfect Loft™, stuff balloon to desired level  of fill. Handstitch opening closed.

7.            Cut two 1” x 3” rectangles of fabric and one 1” x 3” rectangle of Peltex® II for balloon basket.

8.            Place fabric rectangles wrong sides together with Peltex® II in between and fuse. Stitch around all 4 edges with a zig zag or satin stitch.

9.            To form basket, bring short ends together and handstitch in place. Connect basket to bottom of balloon with embroidery thread.

10.          Fuse Shape-Flex® to one side of Batting. Trace both small and large cloud templates twice onto Shape-Flex® then flip and repeat. Carefully cut out all eight cloud pieces. Embroider or decorate as desired.

11.          Place two coordinating pieces with Shape-Flex® sides together and sew around the edges, leaving a small gap. Stuff with Perfect Loft™ to desired level of fill and sew the gap closed.  Repeat with remaining 3 clouds.

12.          Attach Hot Air Balloon and Clouds to dowel, stick or embroidery hoop to create mobile!