How To Install An Invisible Zipper

How To Install An Invisible Zipper

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  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Coats and Clark
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Additional Information



  • Coats® invisible zipper foot
  • Coats® invisible zipper
  • Coats® all-purpose thread
  • Straight pins


Because it is hidden in the seam, Coats® invisible zipper is an ideal choice for formal gowns and gives a professional look to any garment. Get the best results by using an invisible zipper foot on the sewing machine. Coats® Invisible Zipper foot will fit most machines. If it doesn’t fit your machine, check with a sewing machine dealer to see if there is one made just for your model.
Attach the Zipper Foot
  1. Remove the foot and shank.
  2. Slide the white presser foot onto the shank that fits your machine. As a rule, 1/2" from the screw to the throat plate is the red shank, 1" is the yellow shank.

  3. Photo 1
  4. Place the foot on the machine, secure with screw.

  5. Photo 2

Prepare the Zipper
Unzip and look at the back of the zipper, the coils are rolled to the back. With the iron on the lowest setting (synthetic), gently unroll the coil and press flat.
Photo 3

Sewing the Zipper
  1. Place the zipper tape right side on the fabric front, with the coil on the seamline. The top edge of the zipper tape will line up with the top cut edge of the garment fabric. Pin in place.

  2. Photo 4
  3. Line up the center mark of the foot with the needle. Put the right groove of the foot over the coil and stitch the zipper until the foot hits the slider. Remove pins as you sew. Backstitch.

  4. Photo 5
  5. Zip and mark the end of the zipper on the other garment section. Unzip and pin the zipper face down to the front of the remaining garment section with the coil on the seamline. Make sure zipper isn’t twisted. Line up the top edge and bottom of the zipper with mark. With the left groove of the foot over the coil, stitch the zipper until the foot hits the slider. Backstitch.

  6. Photo 6
    Finishing the Seam
  7. Zip up the zipper. Slide the white foot to the left so that the needle goes through the notch on the side. (The regular zipper foot may also be used for this step.)
  8. Pin the along the seam. Pull the end of zipper out of the way and turn the hand wheel to lower needle slightly above and to the left of the last stitch. Lower foot and take a few stitches, backstitch then sew about 2" along seamline.

  9. Photo 7
  10. Change to the regular presser foot and complete the seam, overlapping the stitching. Press seam open. With the zipper still closed, stitch the bottom of the zipper tape to the seam allowance only.

  11. Photo 8
  12. Press lightly on the right side.

  13. Photo 9