How To Make A Movable Classroom Chart

How To Make A Movable Classroom Chart

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Elmer's
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Additional Information

  • Elmer’s® Products: Foam Board: 20"x30"x3/16", blue Painters® Opaque Paint Markers, Bright Colors Pack: Black, White, Blue, Red, Green Washable School Glue Washable School Glue Stick
  • X-Acto® Designer Series 12" Metal Ruler
  • X-Acto® Designer Series 12" Rotary Paper Trimmer 
  • X-Acto® Designer Series 5" Precision Tip Scissors 
  • 12"x12" cardstock paper: (2) white & (4) lilac 
  • Six plastic pinch clips, approx. 3-1/4" tall x 6-1/2" wide x 1-1/4" deep
  • Plastic buttons, assorted colors: Six 2" diameter & thirty 1-1/4" diameter
  • 3/4"x1-1/2" diameter swirl glitter stickers, blue & lavender, 4 pkgs. of 18 stickers/pkg.
  • Self-adhesive hook and loop fastener, white
  • 3/4" wide x 1 yard tape
  • Thirty 5/8" diameter coins (circles)
  • Pencil

  1. Randomly apply swirl stickers along edge of Foam Board, going in no more than 2" and leaving about 1/4" - 1/2" between stickers. (Note: Use about 22 stickers on each long side and about 13 on each short side.) To embellish, use White Painters® to make small dots around outside of each swirl and into curves of larger swirls. Refer to photo. Allow to dry.
  2. Use X-Acto® Designer Series 12" Rotary Paper Trimmer to cut white cardstock: one 3"x11" for title; six 1"x6" for “centers” clips; and thirty 1"x3" for names. Also cut lilac cardstock: one 3-1/2"x11-1/2" for title mounting; and six 5-1/2"x7" for “centers”.
  3. On white 3"x11" title strip print “Centers” or title of chart with Black Painters®. (Note: If desired, lightly draw all words with pencil first, and then trace with Painters®.) On six 1"x6" strips, print “centers” words in assorted color Painters®. On 1"x3" strips, print student names in Black Painters®, leaving enough room on left side of strips for 1-1/4" buttons.
  4. For title, use Washable School Glue Stick to center and attach white cardstock title onto lilac cardstock title mounting. (Wait to attach to board.)
  5. Use 6" length hook and loop tape to attach “centers” strips to six pinch clips. (Note: Before removing backing from tape, connect hook and loop. Remove backing from one side and press onto pinch clip. Then remove other backing, position and press cardstock strip on top. Be sure to be consistent in using the same - either hook or loop – on each pinch clip so that clips are interchangeable.) Use Washable School Glue (bottle) to glue 2" buttons to top (pinch-areas) of pinch clips. Allow to dry.
  6. Have each students choose a 1-1/4" button color. Use Washable School Glue to glue buttons to left sides of name strips. Allow to dry.
  7. Use 5" Precision Tip Scissors to cut apart paper backing strip for one hook and one loop circles. Connect circles to each other, leaving backing strips on them. Then remove backing strip from one side and place on back of one button/paper name (aligned behind button). Reminder to be consistent on attaching hook or loop. (Wait to attach to lilac cardstock.)
  8. Refer to photo. Before actually attaching student names, horizontally place lilac cardstock into each pinch clip with top of paper aligned with top of clip. This will give just enough room for three rows of student names. Remove paper backing from hook or loop circle on back of each name and place in formation on lilac cardstock.
  9. Position title at top center and pinch clips in two vertical rows of three, to determine spacing. Use Glue Stick to attach title and remove backing from hook and loop tape behind pinch clips to attach, one at a time. (Note: If desired, use pencil and Designer Series 12" Metal Ruler to measure and mark board for precise placement.)
  10. As groups of students move from center to center, move lilac paper to appropriate pinch clips. As individual students move between centers, move button/names accordingly. Note that students will get to know each other’s button colors which can assist in their recognition of classmates’ names.
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