How to Make a T-Shirt Yarn Necklace

How to Make a T-Shirt Yarn Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Beckie Farrant

Additional Information



  • Cotton Craft-Tee Yarn
  • Optional: big chunky wood beads
  • white plastic chain


  1. Leave an 18" tail to tie necklace on later. Hold the tail in place between thumb and forefinger.
  2. Weave the yarn in and out between the fingers. Once at the little finger, weave back the other way, all the while holding the tail between the thumb and forefinger. Each finger should now have yarn on it.
  3. Set the yarn over the weave on top of the fingers and then, with the other hand, move each lower yarn over the new yarn (and finger). Do that for all four fingers.
  4. Set the yarn back over the fingers and take the lower yarn over the finger and the yarn just laid down starting from little finger to forefinger. Then reverse back and forth until the necklace is as long as desired.
  5. As the necklace grows, pull taut on the tail. Make the necklace about 12"–18" in length depending on the style.
  6. To tie off, remove the yarn from the fingers. Weave the yarn in the loops and pull it taut.

  7. Optional:
  8. Add chunky wood beads to each end and then tie and knot in place.
  9. To add some chain create a loop at the end of your finger knit necklace. Then wrap the yarn around it and tuck in through the loop. Cut and hot glue in place.
  10. Open up the loop and stretch it into the chain link. Repeat for the other side.
  11. Tie the necklace on with a regular bow as though tying a shoe.
  12. Layer them, finger knit multiple strands together, add more beads, etc.

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