How To Make an Offray Grosgrain 3" Cheer Ribbon

How To Make an Offray Grosgrain 3" Cheer Ribbon

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Offray
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•           28” Offray 3” Grosgrain Ribbon

•           25.5” Tulle (6” wide)

•           30” Coordinating Narrow Offray Ribbon A

•           30” Coordinating Narrow Offray Ribbon B

•           Additional 9” of above coordinates, A or B

•           Clothespin

•           Wire

•           Hair Elastic

•           Glue Gun & Glue Stick



1.         Fold 28”X3” Grosgrain Ribbon as shown in fig. 1.

2.         Pinch in center and secure with clothespin. (fig.2)    

3.         Fold Tulle in thirds, place on top of bow, and secure with clothespin. (fig.3)

4.         With Coordinate Ribbon A, form a 3 loop bow, with 2 loops on one side, and one loop on the other,

leaving 2 tails, approximately the same length as the loops, and secure with a thin piece of wire. (fig. 4)

5.         Form mirror image of fig. 4 bow in Coordinate Ribbon B, and secure on top of fig. 4 bow, with a thin piece of wire.

(fig. 5)

6.         Layer the fig. 5 bow on top of larger (3”&Tulle) bow, and secure with wire. (fig. 6)

7.         Tie remaining 9” piece of Coordinate Ribbon A into a simple knot.  (fig. 7)

8.         Position knot in front center of bow. (fig. 8)

9.         Flip over to back of bow, and position hair elastic in center of bow.  Glue one end of knotted ribbon over  Hair Elastic, and then glue other end over the first.  It is important to pull ends of ribbon tightly when gluing, so that finished bow is properly crimped in  enter. (fig. 9)

10.       Finished bow is pictured in fig. 10.

11.       Ribbon edges may fray over time.  To prevent fraying,  Slowly run cut ends of ribbon in front of candle (no closer than ¼” from flame).  This will gently melt the edges, but can be a fire hazard – please use extreme caution.  To finish edges without flame, use one of the many anti-fray liquids (like Fray Check), found with Sewing Notions.