Image Transfer

Image Transfer

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Purple Cows Designed by Ana Cabrera
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Additional Information

Image Transfer
by Ana Cabrera
By now, most of us have tried the process of a
tape-image transfer. This is a great technique
for creating artistic pieces; the only problem
is that we have been limited to the width of
packing tape. Well that is a problem no more!
Thanks to Purple Cows, with the large-sized
laminating pockets, transfers can be as large
as 12 ? x 12 ?
Purple Cows Hot Purple Laminator
Purple Cows Hot Laminating Pockets
Photo for transfer (Note: Must be printed from

toner by a laser printer, inkject will not

transfer; also, the photo transfers best

on plain printer paper, not photo

quality paper.)
Piece of scrap paper about 1 ? larger than

Dish to fit image (glass casserole or cake dish)
1. Trim the photo so that there is about 1/4 ? of white space around the edge.
2. Lay the photo into hot laminating pouch. Use the scrap paper to mask the back of
the photo. Be sure that the scrap paper covers the entire photo with some overlap.
This will make it easier to separate the pieces later.
3. Run laminating pocket through the hot laminator two times. This will ensure that
the toner has completely transferred to the laminate.
4. Now separate the layers and discard the scrap paper. Place the photo into the
glass dish of warm water, and allow to soak. Soak until the paper is completely
saturated, this can take up to a half-hour.
5. Using a gentle, circular motion, rub off the paper pulp. The white paper will begin
to shed away. Continue wetting and rubbing until you get to the plastic. Be careful
not to scrape or rub too hard or you will lift the image from the plastic. Just use the
tips of your fingers and work in one small area at a time.
6. As with all photo transfers, let dry completely. If you need to touch-up the piece,
you can wet any areas that need additional rubbing.
7. Trim and apply to your project. We placed embellishments under ours for a fresh
all designs � 2007 by Purple Cows Incorporated. all rights reserved.