Indoor/Outdoor Box Cushion

Indoor/Outdoor Box Cushion

Project Courtesy of: Fairfield Processing
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  • 22"x22"x4" NU-Foam® insert
  • 6 yds narrow piping cord: 6/32"
  • 1 yd 54" outdoor print home decor fabric
  • 1/2 yd 54" outdoor solid color home decor fabric
  • Dritz® extra-large eyelets
  • Dritz® 661T or 660 tool
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine
  • Zipper foot

1/2" seam allowance, except where noted. RS = Right side(s), WS = Wrong side(s)

1. Center print fabric pattern for top & bottom.
From print cut: two 23" squares & four 5"x23" strips.
From solid color cut: 1½"-wide bias strips. Sew solid-color strips together to form 190" length.
2. Place piping cord inside WS of bias strip & sew closed using zipper foot.
3. Place finished piping on top of RS of fabric square with raw edges together. Sew all around, using zipper foot. Do the same with the second square.
4. Apply eyelets with the Dritz® 661T or 660 tool to back corners of cushion bottom square 1½" in from the corner. Follow package directions. These holes will provide water drainage if the cushions get wet.
5. Sew the short ends of the 5"x23" strips together, forming a large loop for the sides of the cushion. With RS together, pin side section around top of square, matching seams of side to corners of top. Sew with piped side on top, following stitching line. Repeat with bottom square, leaving a 15" opening.
6. Turn right side out, slide in NU-Foam® insert; bend it to fit through the opening. Slip stitch opening closed.
7. For an odd-shaped seat, make a paper template. Place it on the insert, trace with a marker. Cut out shape. Use the same template to cut fabric, adding 1" to dimensions for seam allowance.