Infinity Braided Suede Bracelet

Infinity Braided Suede Bracelet

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  • Jewelry Fundamentals Cords & More:
    Ribbon Clasps for 1" & 1/2" ribbon pack &- White Nickel (1)
    3 mm Suede Cord Variety Pack &- Neutral (1)
    Metal Charms Card &- Arrow, Infinity (1)
  • Jewelry glue
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Scissors
  • Ruler


1. Measure and cut six 8" segments of cord &- 2 brown, 2 tan, 2 black.
2. Divide cords into two groups, with one cord of each color, and place them next to each other making sure to line up the ends.
3. String on Infinity charm by pulling cords up through empty spaces on each side of charm.
4. Starting with one set of cords, fold cords over so that ends meet and are lined up with matching cords.
5. Begin braiding &- keep matching cords together.
6. Braid for 3" from center of charm.
7. Evenly trim ends where braiding stops.
8. Add a thin line of glue to cord ends and attach clasp, using pliers to close.
9. Repeat steps 4 &- 8 for other side.
10. Shorten extension chain.

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