Inkodye Custom Chair Cover

Inkodye Custom Chair Cover

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Lumi
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  • 8 oz. Inkodye™ in color of choice
  • Inkocap™ Roller
  • Blue tape or push pins
  • Opaque stencil shapes or cardboard and scissors
  • Paper towels
  • Small weighted object, i.e. pennies
  • Fabric, enough to cover chair
  • Scissors
  • Washing machine


1. Sketch clouds or any shape desired onto cardboard. Use opaque stencils or anything that will cast a shadow. Use a cereal box or other recycled cardboard for this; avoid regular paper since it might let light through and it will curl more easily if it gets damp.
2. Cut out the clouds or shape of choice.
3. Place the fabric onto work surface. Tape or pin the edges of the fabric to keep it in place while rolling on Inkodye™. The work surface can be a piece of cardboard or foam core.
4. Shake the Inkodye bottle. Make sure the cap is securely on. Itʼs fine to use it straight from the bottle, but itʼs very concentrated so if desired mix it with water to stretch it. Use a 1:1 ratio of dye to water, and colors will still be vibrant.
5. Screw Inkocap Roller onto bottle of Inkodye™.
6. Roll the Inkodye evenly over the surface of the fabric in a dim room away from direct sunlight.
7. Blot Inkodye™ with paper towels to soak up any excess. This is a very important step. The goal is to fully saturate the fabric but not to make it too wet. It should feel barely damp. If the fabric is too wet the print might turn out splotchy or blurry and the cardboard shapes will curl up.
8. Arrange the cloud cutouts over the fabric. Keep them in place with a small weighted object, small stack of pennies for example, or push pins. Alternatively, a piece of glass or clear acrylic can be used to hold cutouts down.
9. Carry the project into a sunny area, and expose your project to direct sunlight for 12 minutes while the Inkodye® develops. Inkodye™ is UV sensitive, so it will still expose on a cloudy day but it is necessary to leave it out for twice as long. Midday sun is the best.
10. Bring the project back inside into a dim area and peel the cardboard clouds away to reveal the print. Once exposed to sunlight, Inkodye will begin turning color within seconds, and the print is still light sensitive so keep it in a dark area until after washing it. Resist the urge to peek immediately.
11. Wash the print twice on the HOT/COLD cycle of a washing machine using Inkowash detergent. Inkowash is made to remove excess unexposed Inkodye more effectively than household detergent.
12. Upholster Inkodye™ printed fabric onto the chair seat.