Iron On T-Shirt

Iron On T-Shirt

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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  • DMC® Floss, color of choice
  • DMC® tapestry needle, size 24
  • Blue Moon® BMB FIND metal ear hoops, silver (2 of largest rings, 1-1/8" diameter each)
  • Darice® Steel Fish Hook Rw Finish (2 earring wires)
  • Beaders Paradise® 6/0 Czech Glass E Beads, Tropical Tangerine
  • Scissors
  • Yardstick


1. Cut 1 yd. of floss and thread onto tapestry needle. Thread on 14 beads.
2. Knot the floss onto the metal ear hoop near the top, leaving at least a 1" tail.
3. Knot 6 half hitch knots onto the hoop, then slide bead up. Continue knotting 6 half hitch knots, then sliding on a bead, until 13 beads are on the hoop and the hoop is covered. Be sure to secure the thread tail by holding it close to the hoop and covering with the last few sets of half hitch knots.
4. Add bead to bottom hole of earring hoop by passing thread through the hole, then sliding on a bead. Finish with a half hitch knot.
5. Take thread to the back of the hoop and secure by tying a knot, then weaving the thread through the half hitch knots. Carefully trim excess thread.
6. Attach hoop to Earring Fish Hook finding



  • DMC® Floss, color of choice
  • DMC® tapestry needle, size 22
  • DMC® bobbin
  • Darice® 25mm split rings
  • Jewelry Basics® lobster claw, 7mmx9mm, silver
  • Jewelry Basics® open/close jump rings, silver
  • Cousin® 4 mm silver jump ring
  • Beaders Paradise 6/0 Czech Glass E Beads Tropical Tangerine
  • Scissors
  • Yardstick


1. Cut a 5 yd. length of each floss color. Find center of each piece and tie a loop with a slipknot. Wrap each end onto a separate bobbin until approximately 16" from slipknot. Do the same for the three other colors. Using bobbins help keep the threads tidy while tying knots.
2. Attach each thread to the split ring by tying a Larks Head knot and leaving a 12" tail of the doubled floss with the slipknot. The doubled threads with the slipknot are the core threads that square knots will be tied on to. It may be helpful to attach a paper binder clip or small lightweight to the knots to keep tension on the core threads.
3. Tape the split ring to a stable surface then working with one color at a time, tie square knots on to the core threads until length of about 7" for each color is achieved.
4. Carefully braid the four pieces of macramé using a flat 4-ply braid (starting from the right, move the right piece under the 3rd piece, over the second piece and then bring the outside left piece (or first piece) over, continue from the right). Adjust shape of braid to be sure it is flat and even.
5. Check overall length of bracelet and split ring closure, allowing approximately ½" additional for lobster claw clasp and jump rings. Adjust length if needed by adding more square knots to each piece or untie some knots if bracelet is too long. Use the tip of the tapestry needle to help untie knots.
6. Cut off excess threads leaving at least 4" tails for each piece
7. With one thread at a time, thread tapestry needle on to each thread tail, then attach small jump ring to each macramé piece and finish thread ends by knotting then weaving back through square knots.
8. Attach two macramé pieces to one jump ring, and then attach the two jump rings to one small jump ring.
9. Attach lobster claw clasp to small jump ring.
10. Finish Split ring by attaching a 1 yd. length of floss threaded on a tapestry needle and add 14 beads.
11. Tie four half hitch knots then slide on a bead, continue around until split ring is covered. Finish thread end by knotting and weaving through knots. Carefully trim off excess thread.
12. Attach Jump ring in center of split ring between the 7th and 8th beads, then attach a jump ring to that jump ring.