Jeweled Mirror

Jeweled Mirror

Crafting Time:
  • Weekend Project
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Blue Moon Beads
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Additional Information



  • Round wood base, 14" diameter
  • Round mirror, 10" diameter
  • Round mirror, 8" diameter
  • Metallic bronze spray paint
  • Topaz crystal round facetted beads
  • Assorted glass, metal and plastic beads
  • Assorted metal bead caps & leaf charms
  • Gold 24-gauge wire
  • Round nose pliers
  • Chain nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Fishing line
  • Hot glue


1. Spray paint the wood base bronze metallic, and allow to dry.
2. Hot glue the larger round mirror onto the base, making sure to center it.
3. Hot glue the smaller mirror on this, centering it as well.
4. String approximately 15" of topaz crystal beads onto fishing line. Line these up next to the edge of the small mirror and secure around it with hot glue.
5. Create various beaded flowers using one of two beaded flower techniques:

FLOWER TECHNIQUE #1 (Small simple flowers)
Cut a length of 24-gauge wire about a yard long. String one bead and bring to the center of the wire. Fold the bead over the wire so that the two wires meet. Twist the wire together about three times to “trap" the bead on the wire and hold it in place.
2. Repeat this procedure 5 more times, adding “petals" to both free ends of the wire, each time stringing a bead on, folding it over, and twisting to create a total of 6 or more petals.
3. To create the center, use the same wire and string on a smaller bead. Using the same technique as above, slide it to the center and twist it on itself to trap it in place. Do this again twice more to create a 3-piece center.
4. To strengthen the flower and lock the petals in place, next take both free ends of wire and start wrapping them around the petals. Trim the excess wire in the back.

FLOWER TECHNIQUE #2 (Larger, more elaborate flowers)
Decide which beads will make up a petal of the flower. It helps to have a small or teardrop shaped bead at the center of the flower to create the right shape.
2. Cut a length of 24-gauge wire between a 36"-72", depending on how long each of the petals are - the longer the petals and the more numerous the petals, the more wire needed for the finished flower.
3. String on the beads that make up one full petal, starting with the bead that will be at the center, and bring all beads to the center of the wire. Take one free end of the wire and go back through all beads except the last one strung. For example, if using 3 beads per petal, string on beads 1,2 and 3, then go back through beads 2 and 1 only. This will trap bead 3.
4. String the next “petal" in the same way, trapping the last bead and bringing the wire back to what will be the center of the flower. Continue adding petals in this way, then adding shorter petals in the middle to create a flower center.
5. To strengthen the flower and lock the petals in place, take both free ends of wire and start wrapping them around the petals to hold everything in place. Secure the wire and trim the excess in the back.
6. Arrange these flowers around the mirror and secure them with hot glue. Fill in any gaps between these flowers with metal leaf charm, single beads in bead caps, or very small flowers.