Jeweled Wind Chime

Jeweled Wind Chime

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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  • 3- Medium sized wooden embroidery hoops
  • 1- Square wood dowel rod 24” long
  • 3- Different colors of embroidery thread skeins
  • 1- Roll of monofilament thread
  • Assorted: glass, shell, plastic, metal beads color of your choice
  • 1- Large glass decorative bead for hanger
  • 1- Can of silver spray paint
  • 1- Spool of silver or gold colored wire
  • 1- Bottle of E6000 glue


  1. You will be making 11 strands of different colored beads.  On a carpeted floor or soft tablecloth lay out the patterns you would like for each strand.  The strands should vary from 14”- 20”.
  2. Once you are happy with your patterns for the strand, cut a 24” piece of monofilament thread.  Tie the bottom bead of your first strand layout onto the piece of thread and then slide each bead in order to make your first strand, leaving a 6” tail of thread for tying.  Set the strand aside and then build the next strand onto another piece of monofilament thread.  Continue this process until you have all 11 strands strung with beads.  Lay them in a row in the order that you will be tying onto the frame.
  3. BUILDING THE FRAME- Using the silver spray paint spray each piece of wood completely covering the wood.  Let the pieces dry.
  4. Take one hoop and tie three strands of embroidery thread onto the hoop.
  5.  Wrap the hoop with the embroidery thread. You can make a crossover pattern or entirely wrap the hoop.
  6. Tie each end of the embroidery thread securely to the hoop.
  7. Using the E6000 glue the three hoops onto the square wooden dowel overlapping the hoops with the center hoop the highest one.  Let it dry.
  8. Evenly space the strands of beads by tying them onto the square dowel rod and the wooden hoops.
  9. Tie three strands of embroidery thread together to make the hanger.  Tie the bundle to one end of the square dowel rod.  Twist the strands together to make one thicker strand.  Tie finished twisted strand to the other end of the square dowel rod.
  10. Grab the center of the hanger and tie a loop of about 1”.
  11. Attach your glass decorative bead or beads in the center of the loop to dangle below the hanger in the middle to look like a hanging charm.
  12. Using the wire wrap the ends of each dowel rod to secure the embroidery ends of the hanger in place so they don’t slide inward.  Wrap the end of the wire, snip them off and tuck underneath.