Journaling Cards

Journaling Cards

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Hero Arts
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  • Hero Arts® products:
    Brush Strokes
    Blackboard, 4 Pack Cubes
  • Letter stamps
  • Background stamps
  • White cardstock
  • Inks
  • Yellow paint
  • Markers
  • Gel pen
  • Corner rounder
  • Tape


All cards are cardstock trimmed to 3'x 4'.
Where Card
1. Mask card with a 2'x2-1/2' piece of paper and ink around the outside with blue ink. Stamp background stamp over inked area. Remove the mask.
2. Stamp “Where" and the globe in red ink.
3. Stamp the broken line image and “places" in black.
Happy Days Card
1. Stamp the lined journaling block in blue ink.
2. Stamp the closed rose bud in red ink.
3. Stamp “happy days" in black.
4. Add yellow paint splats and round the top and bottom.
Memories Card
1. Mask and ink an orange band at the top of the card.
2. Round the top corners.
3. Stamp “memories" in the orange band and draw a black line.
4. Stamp a flower image in blue ink.
5. Stamp “imagine the possibility" three times in black in the bottom right corner of the card.
6. Stamp two red hearts and add yellow paint splats.
Script Card
1. Mask the left side of the card and add orange ink band to the right side. Repeat along the left side.
2. Layer two circle stamps in yellow and orange ink in the upper right corner.
3. Stamp a banner and arrow image in blue inks.
4. Ink background stamp in red ink and stamp over card.
Note Card
1. Stamp the ringed notebook image in black.
2. Stamp paint splat in blue ink.
3. Add “note" in black using the letter stamps. Use a gel pen to color letters.
4. Stamp an arrow in red ink.
Hello Card
1. Add a 2'x2-1/2' mask at the top of the card and ink around it in yellow ink.
2. Stamp “hello" in black.
3. Stamp an arrow in red ink.
Treasure This Day card
1. Cut a banner from scrap paper. Use it as a mask on journaling card in the upper right corner of the card and add yellow ink.
2. Stamp “treasure this day" in black over the banner image.
3. Stamp pocket watch image in blue ink. Stamp the “from the studio" circle in the center of the watch.
Today Card
1. Stamp the journaling block in red ink.
2. Stamp “today" and “best day ever" in black.
3. Stamp the arrow image in blue ink.