Kid's Beach Bag

Kid's Beach Bag

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Dritz
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Additional Information



  • Babyville Boutique&®:
    Little Pirate & Skulls Packaged PUL Fabric
    White PUL - 16" x 10"
  • Dritz&®:
    Tape measure
    Disappearing Ink marking pen
    Home 9/32" Cable Cord
  • One 22" sport zipper, closed bottom
  • Omnigrid&® Ruler - 6" x 24"
  • Poster board - 8" x 15"
  • Sewing machine with zipper foot
  • Basic sewing supplies & matching thread
  • Iron & pressing surface
  • Transparent tape


Seam allowances are 1/2". RST = Right sides together. WS = Wrong side.
CUTTING: Label pieces as they are cut.
Little Pirates PUL: Cut in half for two 10-1/2" x 24" pieces
Skulls: Two 2" x 24" strips for zipper

Three 2-1/4" x 24" strips for handles

8" x 10" piece for pocket

16" x 10" piece for bottom

1. Stitch Little Pirates PUL pieces to both 24" sides of red PUL fabric piece. On right side, press both seam allowances towards red and topstitch 1/4" from seam.
2. For pocket, turn top 10" side under 3/4" and topstitch. Turn remaining sides under 1/2". On front of bag, position pocket 7" down from top and 5" in from side. Stitch around sides and bottom of pocket. Mark down center of pocket and stitch to form two pockets.
3. Measure and cut four 28" lengths of cable cord. Before cutting, wrap cord section at cutting line with transparent tape to prevent raveling.
4. Cut one of the Skull PUL handle strips in half to 12". Stitch each half to one end of the other strips; trim and press seams. Position 1 cord piece about 2" down from end of strip on WS. Wrap strip over cord with about 1/4" extra. Baste close to cord with zipper foot. Position 2nd cord on WS next to first cord, aligning ends. Wrap remaining strip around cord and stitch over basting between both cords to secure. Trim excess PUL close to stitching. Repeat for second handle. This will create a double welt corded handle.
5. At top of bag, mark 8" in from each side. Trim handle ends to 3/4" from cords. Pin handle ends, aligning raw edges, at each mark and baste.
6. Center zipper on PUL zipper strips, aligning long edges, RST. PUL strip will be longer than zipper. Stitch with 1/4" seam. Turn PUL to right side and topstitch on PUL along seam edge. Repeat for other side of zipper. Stitch PUL zipper strips, RST, to Little Pirates bag top pieces.
7. Open zipper about 10". With RST, pin side seams while aligning zipper strips, Little Pirate sections, and red bottom. Stitch and then turn inside out. Press top edge of bag and topstitch 1/4" around edge.
8. To form bag bottom, align bottom and side seam allowance, RST, to form a triangle. Measure down from point 4"; mark across triangle. Stitch on line and trim seam to 1/2". Repeat on other side.
9. Center poster board piece between WS of PUL bottom pieces. Fuse PUL pieces together to seal in board. Trim edges to 1/2". Place in bag.