Knitted Wrist Warmers

Knitted Wrist Warmers

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Supplies & Tools:

  • 2 skeins Sensations® It's A Wrap yarn
  • Knitting needles, size 9
  • Dritz® embellishments, 2 pkgs each: teal daisy cluster, turquoise jewel, black mesh buttons
  • Yarn needle

Directions: Directions for medium-size. Adjust length & width as necessary for larger or smaller sizes.

Cast on 48 stitches.
Rows 1-5 (ribbing) Knit 1, purl 1 to end.
Row 6: Slip 1, knit to end.
Row 7: Slip 1, purl to end.
Repeat rows 6 & 7 two times.
Row 12: Slip 1, knit 2 together, knit to end.
Row 13: Slip 1, purl 2 together, purl to end.
Repeat rows 6-13 until 32 stitches
remain on needle.
End with 5 rows of ribbing.
Cast off.
Use yarn needle to stitch sides together.
Stitch embellishments onto warmers, referring to photo for placement.