Laces and Lace Sneakers

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  • Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint 4PK – Neon
  • Tulip® Iron-On Glass Crystals 300 Clear
  • Aleene’s® Repositionable Tacky Spray
  • White canvas sneakers
  • Fabric lace for stencils
  • Masking tape
  • Heat set tool to adhere crystals


1. Use masking tape to tape off all areas of shoes where paint is not desired.
2. Lightly spray toe of shoe and lace stencil with Repositionable Tacky Spray. Position lace over toe and heel of shoe and smooth into place. Repeat with second shoe.
3. Lightly spray over lace with Neon Orange fabric spray paint. Allow to dry. Repeat this step until desired depth of color is achieved. Allow paint to dry between coats to help minimize paint bleeding under lace.
4. Remove lace stencils and tape from shoes.
5. Use heat set tool to embellish with crystals where desired on sneakers.

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