Latte Lover Gift Card Holder

Latte Lover Gift Card Holder

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: American Crafts
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  • Tulip® 3D Fashion Paint:
    Pink Slick
    White Slick
  • Tulip® Iron-On Crystals:
    Red, 100 ct.
    Pink, 100 ct.
  • Tulip® Fashion Art Tweezers
  • Tulip® Cordless Heat-Setting Tool
  • Aleene’s® Fast Grab™ Tacky Glue®
  • Felt Squares:
    Light brown
  • Embroidery floss:
  • Scissors
  • Sewing pins
  • Sewing machine with matching thread
  • Paper towels
  • White chalk (sharpened to a point)


For best results, please read all instructions before beginning project. Refer to photo for color and design placement.

Basic steps for assembly:
1. Layer desired colors of felt together then sew either horizontally or vertically. Sew on three sides to create pocket.
2. The front section can be cut slightly shorter on one side (the top edge) so back color shows.
3. Sew a 1/4" seam then trim to a scant 1/8".
4. Cut out dip in top layer if desired when finished.
5. Test flow of 3D Fashion Paint on paper towel using an even pressure on bottle for a smooth line. Add paint as last step and let thoroughly dry.
6. Keep tip of paint bottle wiped with paper towels for clean lines.
7. White chalk can be used to draw patterns onto felt if needed. Brush off excess after paint is thoroughly dry.

Coffee Cup:
1. Draw and cut cup backing from white felt and cup front from light brown felt.
2. Layer and sew together.
3. Cut heart from red felt and glue in place.
4. Chalk on “I" at the top where shown. Use tweezers to place pink Iron-On Crystals along lines.
5. Turn on Heat-Setting Tool following package instructions. Touch tip of hot tool to top of crystal and count to five. Remove tool and let crystal cool. Touch fingernail to crystal making sure it has adhered, if not add a few more seconds of heat. Adhere remaining crystals.
6. Add red Iron-On Crystals along edge of heart then adhere.
7. Chalk on the word “coffee" then cover over lines with white Slick 3D Fashion Paint.
8. Use pink Slick to create random dots and a wavy line on handle. Let dry completely.