Lots of Dots Wooden Bead Necklace

Lots of Dots Wooden Bead Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Some Experience Necessary
Project Courtesy of: iLoveToCreate

Additional Information



  • Tulip® Dimensional Fabric Paint: Crystals 6 pack & Gold Glitter
  • Five 1” diameter wooden beads
  • Smaller wooded beads for accents
  • 18”-20” necklace chain (links need to be big enough to string ribbon through)
  • Leather cord
  • Scissors
  • Natural colored embroidery floss for tassel


1. Using crystal dimensional paint, paint the five 1” wooden beads with dots as desired. Allow to dry completely.
2. String wooden beads and accent beads onto leather cord, knotting cord between beads.
3. String cord ends through chain ends and tie into knots. Cut off excess cord.
4. Create a tassel with embroidery floss and attach to necklace.

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