Love Bug Photo Wheel

Love Bug Photo Wheel

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Martha Stewart Crafts
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Additional Information



  • Martha Stewart Crafts®:
    Circle cutter
    1 1/2oz onyx glitter
    2 oz glittering glue
    3-pk Essentials embossing powder
    Heat tool
    Clear stamps: sans serif font
    Ebony ink pad
    14"x3" ruler
    2-pk permanent tape roller
  • Martha Stewart Crafts™:
    Craft knife
    12"x12" cutting mat
  • EK Success 3D-Dots: 1/8" white adhesive foam squares
  • Foam brush
  • Large brad
  • Cardstock: black, red

1. Use circle cutter to cut 5" red cardstock circle; two 4 3/4" black circles; one 2 1/2", four 1" & five 1 1/2" black circles.

2. Use foam brush to coat 2 1/2" circle & four 1" circles with glue. Apply onyx glitter. Tap off excess & set aside.

3. Use circle cutter to cut 1 1/2" circle, 1/2" from the edge of red circle, to create photo window. Cut a triangular notch, opposite the 1 1/2" circle from the center of the red circle to the outside of circle. Cut off 1/3 of one 4 3/4" black circle. Discard small piece. Adhere large piece to back of red circle, so it is visible through notch in red circle but not through 1 1/2" circle.

4. Position 2 1/2" glittered circle (ladybug head) under the edge of the red circle next to the photo window. Trim glittered circle that shows through window. Adhere remainder of glittered circle under edge of red circle. Poke a hole through center of red circle & black piece at notch point. Hole should accommodate brad prongs.

5. Hold brad prongs with tweezers. Heat top of brad with a heat tool. Dip in black embossing powder. Heat to emboss brad top. While still warm, dip again into embossing powder & heat for better coverage. Set aside.

6. Use circle cutter to cut four 1 1/2" photos & one 1 1/2" red circle. Stamp title or greeting on red circle. Position 4 photo circles & stamped circle evenly around 2nd 4 3/4" circle. Turn wheel to adjust photos.

7. Poke a hole through center of each of the 1 1/2" circles & adhere in a stack with the holes aligned. Stack will be used as a spacer between upper & lower circles of ladybug.

8. Assemble wheel. Place black circle with photos on the bottom, then the stack of circles, then large red circle. Push brad down through the top & spread the prongs on the bottom to secure. Adhere black cardstock tab to the bottom circle as a handle for turning through the photos. Adhere 4 glittered black circles atop red circle.