Magic Cane Key Chain

Magic Cane Key Chain

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Sculpey
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  • Sculpey® III White
  • Sculpey® III Pearl
  • Sculpey III® Violet
  • Sculpey II® Suede Brown
  • Sculpey® Extruder
  • Sculpey® Clay Conditioning Machine
  • Premo! Sculpey® Crinkle Cutters
  • premo! Sculpey® Mini Metal Cutters-Basic Shapes
  • Key chain
  • Jump rings
  • Mini key charm
  • 5/8" circle cutter


Start with clean hands and work surface area. Good work surfaces include wax paper, metal baking sheet, or disposable foil. Knead clay until soft and smooth. For best results, clean your hands in between colors. Shape clay, pressing pieces together firmly. Bake on oven-proof glass or metal surface at 275° for 15 minutes per 1/4 in thickness. For best baking results, use an oven thermometer. DO NOT USE MICROWAVE OVEN. DO NOT EXCEED THE ABOVE TEMPERATURE OR RECOMMENDED BAKING TIME. Wash hands after use.
Begin by preheating oven to 275°. Test temperature with oven thermometer for perfectly cured clay. For best results, condition all clay by running it through the clay dedicated pasta machine several passes on the widest setting. Fold the clay in half after each pass and insert the fold side into the rollers first.

1. With the Clay Conditioning Machine on setting #1, roll out 1 ounce of each White, Pearl, Violet and Suede Brown Clay. Using a 5/8" circle cutter cut out enough circles from each color to make a stack of Clay, 4-1/2" long. Stack colors randomly.

2. Place the stack into the extruder and with the largest circle attachment in front press out one long snake. Cut the snake in half and then cut in half again, so that you end up with four snakes side-by-side.

3. Cut the stack of four snakes into four pieces and stack up. Slightly press them together to eliminate the spaces in between.

4. Reduce the stack of clay to a 3/4" x 3/4" cane. Cut the reduced cane into four pieces and stack them together to form a larger square. Gently press the large cane together and with the Super Slicer cut off a 1/8" thick slice. With the heart crinkle cutter cut out one heart.

5. With the Clay Conditioning Machine on setting #1 roll out a sheet of Suede Brown clay. Using the heart crinkle cutter cut out one heart for the back. Press the keychain on to the top of the Suede Brown heart and then press the top heart onto it.

6. With the Clay Conditioning Machine on setting #2 roll out a tiny bit of White and Violet clay. Cut out one heart from each color and use the Needle Tool for the Clay Tool Starter Set to create a hole into the top of the hearts. After baking all pieces, attach three jump rings to the White heart, attaching it to the first link of the keychain. Attach one jump ring to each, the Violet heart and the key and attach both to the jump ring, which attaches the White heart to the key chain.