Matrixed Turquoise Bracelet

Matrixed Turquoise Bracelet

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Polyform
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Additional Information

SupplieS & ToolS:
Premo! Sculpey Oven-Bake Clay: Turquoise, White
Sculpey III Oven-Bake Clay: Elephant Gray
Sculpey tools:
Clay Conditioning Machine
Super Slicer
Clay Tool Starter Set
1 mm beading elastic
White ribbon
1. Mix the White and Turquoise clay, blending approx. 1 part White to 2 parts Turquoise.
2. Roll this mixture into a cylinder that is approx. 5/8" in diameter. Trim the ends with Super Slicer so that the length
is about 2".


3. Using the Clay Conditioning Machine, roll out a sheet of Elephant Gray clay on setting #1. If a thinner sheet is
6. Next, elongate the gray-wrapped cane as follows. Start by placing the center of the cane between thumb and
desired, use setting #3. Place the cylinder of clay from Step 2 on the sheet of gray and trim down both edges and
forefinger, snugly up against the junction of those digits. Squeeze the cane in the center, causing a dumbbell effect.
the back edge.
7. Now squeeze out to each end, turning the cane with each squeeze.
4. Roll the cylinder down the sheet of clay, wrapping it in gray. Roll it over so that the starting edge touches the
remaining sheet of gray clay. Roll it back and the gray clay will have a mark on it indicating exactly where it needs
to be cut so that the edges will meet perfectly.
8. Now use both hands (fingers turned toward each other slightly) to roll the cane in nice long strokes back and forth
to smooth and elongate it further until its approximately 1/2" in diameter. Cut it in half and reduce one half to
approximately 1/4" in diameter.
5. After clay is trimmed at the line, the turquoise cylinder should be wrapped neatly in a sheet of gray clay with no
overlaps on the gray.

9. Cut the cane into pieces about 2 long and stack them together roughly. Note: Try not to line them up. Use the
13. Roll the covered ball in hands, reversing directions frequently, to prevent shape distortion. Continue rolling until the
larger and smaller pieces.
seams between the slices disappear.

14. Complete all balls then pierce each with the needle tool from Clay Tool Starter Set before baking. Bake at 275
degrees Fahrenheit in a preheated oven for 20 minutes. Let beads cool completely before handling.

10. Using fingers, force this stack into a rough rectangle and put it lengthwise between the thumb and forefinger of
right hand. Now place the thumb and forefinger of left hand on the 2 remaining sides and squeeze. Elongate the
cane by squeezing and pulling, maintaining the rectangular shape. Reduce it to about 1/2" square.

15. String the beads on 1mm beading elastic and tie a small white ribbon over the elastic knot.

11. Roll out a sheet of the remaining turquoise clay and cut out a volume of clay to roll into a ball. Remember, when
adding the cane slices, the ball will get bigger, so make the ball about 3/8" in diameter. Make at least a dozen.

12. Slice the cane as thin as possible, remaining consistent. Lay these thin clay slices around the ball with no overlaps.
Use half-slice or quarter-slice if necessary to fill in any gaps.
Created by Polyform