Mesh Party Favors

Mesh Party Favors

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Floracraft
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Additional Information



  • FloraCraft®:
    • Design It :® Foam Block, green, 18? x 12? x 2?
    • Design It: ® SimpleStyle®:
    • Decorative Mesh, 6? wide, 5-1/2 yds., orange
  • Floral Shears
  • Make It: Fun®
    • Foam Cutter
  • Wood bowl, 8? diameter x 1-1/2? tall (with straight sides)
  • Ribbon:
    • 26? length of 1-1/2? wide multi-color stripe
    • 20? length of 3/8? wide of each: pink, yellow, blue polka dot
    • 30? length of green polka dot
  • Nine colorful clear-wrapped lollypops (approximately 1-1/4? diameter)
  • 9? x 12? (or 12? x 12?) white cardstock paper
  • White heavy-weight thread
  • CraftBond® all purpose glue stick
  • Painters® paint markers (colors to coordinate)
  • 1/8? diameter paper punch
  • Ruler
  • Glue gun & glue sticks


1. Measure and use foam cutter to cut circle from foam that will fit into wood bowl. Apply hot glue to bottom of bowl and set foam in place. Apply glue stick to outside of bowl and attach wide ribbon, slightly overlapping at back.
2. Use floral shears to cut 5-1/2 yd. length orange decorative mesh. Fold in half, lengthwise and twist tightly, holding to maintain twist. (An assistant would be helpful.) Starting in middle of foam, hot glue end of twisted mesh. Still maintaining the twist, coil twisted mesh around itself in center, going from center out, spot gluing at you go. At end, tuck and glue it under coil.
3. Cut 3/8? wide ribbon into 10? lengths and tie bows around lollipop sticks near top. Diagonally trim ends to desire length.
4. Cut nine 1? x 1-1/2? rectangles from cardstock. Make them tags by snipping off corners at one end. Use paint markers to write guests’ names. Use hole punch on tag end and insert 12? lengths of thread through holes, tying and knotting them onto lollipop sticks, just above bows. Trim thread ends to 1/4?.
5. Insert lollipops sticks in between coils of mesh.