Mirrored Swirl Ornaments

Mirrored Swirl Ornaments

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  • Krylon® Looking Glass™ Mirror-Like Paint kit
  • Delta PermEnamel™ Transparent Glass Paint: 2 to 3 colors per ornament
  • Clear glass ornaments, removable tops
  • Paper cups with slightly smaller opening than ornament circumference
  • Newspaper


1. Cover work surface with newspaper to protect from overspray.
2. Remove top of ornament.
3. Squirt a short burst of the glass paints into the ornaments one at a time. Use 2-3 colors per ornament. Twirl them quickly after each squirt. Do not let them dry.
4. Shake the Looking Glass Base Coat (Step One in Kit) for 1 full minute. Horizontally, hold nozzle of can against opening. Immediately spray short bursts into ornaments while continuously turning them. Coat very lightly & continue spraying to achieve the look desired.
5. Place ornaments upside down into paper cups to dry.
6. Spray inside of ornaments with Clear Coat Sealer (Step Two in Kit), using very light coats. Set aside to dry completely.
7. Replace tops. Each ornament will be completely unique.
Write the year or family name on the ornaments with Krylon® 18 Kt Gold Leafing Pen. Use ornaments as place cards for a holiday dinner party.
Tie wide metallic bows at the top of each ornament for a touch of “Old World”? elegance.
String ornaments on a ribbon across the top of a doorway or along the top of a window treatment for holiday garland.
Try this technique on a holiday tray or bowl. Paint is applied to back of tray or inside of bowl. Paint should not be applied to any surface that will come in contact with food. Fill bowl with holiday greenery to offset the mirror finish.
For a stunning, yet simple, table centerpiece, fill a clear crystal bowl with ornaments in a variety of colors.