Mixed Media Canvas

Mixed Media Canvas

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Faber-Castell and Donna Downey
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  • 8" x 8" canvas
  • Design Memory Craft Gelatos: Buttercream, Lemon Yellow, Cherry Red, Tangerine, Bubblegum, Coconut, Licorice
  • PITT® Brush pens: Magenta, Green, Black
  • Art GRIP® Colored pencils: Yellow & Red palettes
  • Black marker
  • Gesso
  • Wood skewer
  • Canvas &mdash ½ yard
  • Bird stamp
  • Medium poppy flower
  • Orange ribbon
  • Book text (1 page)
  • Avery 2-part tag
  • Quick dry glue
  • Sentiment stamps of choice
  • White cardstock


1. Create a square pattern on the canvas. Use fingers to blend. To create depth and shading, layer colors over each other and blend.

2. Once dry, add even more depth with the black brush pen and pencils in some of the corners of the squares. Use fingers or a damp brush to blend.

3. Tear two circles from book text, one smaller than the other. Adhere to the canvas using quick dry glue.

4. Using the black marker, outline the circles with ink. Set aside to dry.

5. Stamp bird by inking the stamp with the brush pens and stamping on to the white cardstock. Cut out the bird. Choose a sentiment and stamp using the black brush pen.

6. Using the yellow Gelatos, color in the tag and blend with fingers or a wet baby wipe. Edge the tag with a Tangerine Gelato and blend.

7. To create the “splatters," lay down a pool of green brush pen ink on a craft mat or a plastic lid. Add a few drops of water. Pick up the watery ink with a paintbrush and flick the ink onto the tag. Cut out and edge mini banner pieces with magenta pen. For a more aged look, blend the ink with a baby wipe while it is still wet.

8. After all pieces are edged, stamp each piece with a sentiment. For an interesting effect, stamp off the sides, or have a phrase span two banner pieces. String the banner pieces onto the orange ribbon.

9. Add some interest to the poppy by dabbing gesso around the edges. Apply dots of Gesso around the text circles that have been outline with black ink.

10. Begin assembling once the Gesso has dried. Tear the tag 3/4 of the way along the perforation. Pull apart slightly and glue to the canvas. Then adhere the poppy to the canvas with glue. Spread the banner across the page and adhere each end to the canvas. Layer the bird over the banner and secure with the glue.