Mixed Metal Dangle Bracelet

Mixed Metal Dangle Bracelet

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Blue Moon Beads
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  • 4mm oxidized brass round beads
  • 4mm silver round beads
  • Black nickel chain
  • Ox brass chain
  • Silver chain 1
  • Silver chain 2
  • 5-hole spacer bar
  • Black leather cord
  • 10-loop toggle clasp
  • Silver eyepins
  • Silver peace charms


1. Cut quantity of chain in 2" segments in the following finishes:
    a. Silver chain 1: 4
    b. Silver chain 2: 4
    c. Black nickel chain: 12
    d. Ox brass chain: 12
2. Cut a total of 10 additional pieces of chain, randomly of any finish, ranging in size between 3-1/4" to 4-1/2". These will make up the dangling chain portion of the bracelet.
3. To assemble the bones of the bracelet, lay out 10-loop toggles. Start to add the pieces of 2" cut chain, with two pieces of black nickel chain on the outside two loops of each side. If loops of the toggle clasps were numbered 1 through 10, the black nickel chains would attach to loops 1, 2, 9 & 10.
4. Attach the ox brass chain in the same manner, in loops 3, 4, 7 & 8. This leaves loops 5 & 6 open.
5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 on the other side of the toggle, attaching chains in the same manner.
6. Prep two spacer bars to hold the middle together. Using the 5-hole spacer bar, thread an eyepin through each of the 5 holes and form a simple loop, so left with a spacer bar with 5 loops on each side. Repeat to create two of these spacer bars.
7. Assemble the bracelet as in the picture. Starting from the round toggle end, then the 8 lengths of chain, then the 5-loops spacer bar, then 8 more chain lengths, then a 5-loop spacer bar, then 8 more chain lengths, then the other side of toggle clasp.
8. Cut a piece of black leather cording 8" long. Take the silver chain 2 – this is the chain with rounder, thick links. Use the black leather cording to “lace" this chain together, weaving the cord through the chain to hold the silver links together into one woven piece. Repeat until there are two woven pieces, each about 2" long.
9. Attach these to the open center holes of bracelet.
10. To embellish the center section, create connectors by sliding a 4mm round ox brass bead onto an eyepin and forming a simple loop. Repeat four times and create a chain of 4 connectors. Repeat this entire step to end up with two, 2" long lengths of beaded chain in ox brass, and one 2" length of bead chain made with silver beads.
11. Attach these to the center section.
12. Attach randomly cut 10 chain lengths (from step 2) to the loops of the toggle. When the bracelet is worn, these dangles will hang down off the wrist.
13. To finish, embellish the ends of the chains with dangles and charms.