Monogrammed Memories Stockings

Additional Information



  • Tulip® Dimensional Fabric Paint:
    4 oz. Slick White
    4 oz. Gold Glitter
    4 oz. Silver Glitter
  • Tulip® Sponge Pouncer:
    Small 7 pack
  • Tulip® Fashion Glitter:
    Gold Fine
    Silver Fine
  • Christmas stocking
  • Chalk
  • Paper plate
  • Paintbrush*
  • Hand wipes


1. Draw name on cuff of stocking with chalk. In desired color, paint over chalk lines with dimensional paint.
2. Squeeze desired color of dimensional paint onto paper plate.
3. Place child’s hand into wet paint, or paint onto hand using paintbrush.
4. Press painted hand onto center of stocking. Lift hand straight up. Wipe off with hand wipes.
5. Use pouncer to dab dots of matching paint onto stocking in a random pattern to create polka dot accents.
6. Sprinkle glitter as desired, on wet paint.
7. Allow to dry. Brush off excess glitter.

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