Mosaic Garden Ball

Mosaic Garden Ball

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: FloraCraft

Additional Information



  • Make It: Fun® FloraCraft Foam: 6" Ball
  • 1/4" diameter buttons, approximately 250 of each blue, teal, olive green & yellow
  • Spring green acrylic paint
  • 4" diameter clay saucer (optional)
  • All purpose glue stick
  • Paint brush
  • Copy paper
  • Pencil
  • Old newspapers
  • 6" diameter bowl for circle pattern


1. On newspaper-covered work surface, paint STYROFOAM Ball spring green. Allow to dry. Set aside until after making paper and button pattern.
2. To help in planning, find 6” diameter circular bowl or plate and use pencil to trace circle onto copy paper (to serve as pattern). Refer to photo. On paper, randomly draw three large teardrop shapes (2" x 3") inside pencil circle (but design may extend beyond line due to curvature of Ball). Fill in with smaller teardrops and hexagon shapes, allowing about 1/2" between shapes.
3. On paper, on each teardrop, lay out buttons around outside and fill insides with rows of alternating color buttons. Refer to photo. Adjust outside rows as needed to fit around inside buttons. Place buttons on all drawn shapes on paper pattern.
4. Replicate design from paper onto Ball by gluing buttons. Transfer one shape or area at a time. Repeat to glue all buttons according to paper layout.
5. Optional: If desired, place ball on clay saucer to display.