Moss Agate Statement Necklace

Moss Agate Statement Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Plaid
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  • Plaid® Inspired Classics™:
    • Green Lace Stone – 8x10mm Hexagonal
    • Pumpkin
      Moss Agate – Fancy Irregular Shape
    • Green Lace Stone – 25x18mm Flat Oval
  • Plaid® Chain Chain Chain™:
    • Figure Eight Chain – Shiny Gold
    • Jump Ring Variety Pack – Shiny / Matte Gold
  • Plain round gold chain of choice
  • Gold lobster clasp
  • Gold head pins & eye pins
  • Gold 6/0 seed beads


First Tier
Cut a 5-1/2" length of figure eight chain.

Second Tier
Cut a 12"-15" length of beading wire.
2. String a gold crimp bead onto wire.
3. To create loop at end, feed end of wire back through crimp bead and crush with pliers to secure.
4. String beads onto beading wire in pattern pictured.
5. Using same method as above, create loop at the end of strand.

Third Tier
Cut a 6-3/4" length of figure eight chain.

Fourth Tier
String gold seed bead and fancy irregular moss agate bead onto head pin, create loop at end.
2. Repeat 6 times.
3. String green lace lantern bead onto eye pin, create loop at end.
4. Repeat once.
5. Cut a 8" length of round gold chain.
6. Attach lantern bead eye pins on either side of chain.
7. Cut two 3/4" lengths of round gold chain.
8. Attach 3/4" lengths to open ends of lantern bead eye pins.
9. Attach fancy irregular bead head pins to chain as pictured.

Finishing the Necklace
Use large gold jump ring to connect left open end of each tier together.
2. Use large gold jump ring to connect right open end of each tier together.
3. Cut two 7" lengths of gold round chain.
4. Attach a 7" length to each side of necklace.
5. Use jump ring to attach lobster clasp to end of necklace to complete.