Moss Wreath

Moss Wreath

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

Additional Information



  • 18" grapevine wreath
  • Super Moss Instant Green reusable moss cloth
  • 1 pkg assorted moss
  • 4 oz moss rocks
  • 3 reindeer moss
  • Panacea cloth stem wire, 22-gauge
  • Glue gun, glue sticks

DIRECTIONS: Refer to photo.

  1. Open grapevine, remove & reserve vine that binds it. Loosen wreath, then rearrange in looser form. Secure shape with cloth-covered wire. Twist twice to hold.
  2. Lay reserved vine on top of wreath. Weave it in and out of design. Twist around cloth-covered wire to secure.
  3. Wrap long wires around a pencil to shape tendrils.
  4. Add wire to create a hook on back of wreath.
  5. Insert large moss rocks throughout the design. Lift up several pieces of vine and wedge rocks into place. To secure, turn wreath over and glue from bottom.
  6. Cut irregular pieces of sheet moss; work in and under vine. Turn wreath upside down to glue moss. Turn back over; press into design.
  7. Glue mosses in a random fashion, within and on the vine. Allow some vine to show. Complete with small moss rocks and Spanish moss.