Naturalist Fairy Garden

Naturalist Fairy Garden

Crafting Time:
  • Weekend Project
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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Additional Information



  • Unfinished wood tray
  • Wood hut
  • Package of stepping stones
  • Fairy garden accessories such as: Teeter-totter, small bridge, twig archway, artificial pine trees, garden shepherd hook with hanging basket, woodland animals- turtles, ladybugs, flower pots, etc.
  • Bag of assorted round mosses
  • Bag of small pebbles.
  • Bottle of clear nail polish
  • Sheet of adhesive sheet moss
  • Sheet of green floral foam
  • Round white birch rounds medium size (2-3)
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Small can of gold spray paint
  • Old rag or paper towel
  • Old serrated kitchen knife
  • Small can of walnut wood stain or something similar


  1. Flip the wooden tray over so the bottom is facing up. Spray paint the bottom and sides of it gold. Allow it to dry.
  2. Using an old rag or paper towel, rub on the wood stain sparingly allowing the gold to show through the stain in areas. Allow it to dry.
  3. Measure the width of the opening between the sides of the tray. Transfer this measurement to the green floral foam and cut it out with the serrated knife.
  4. To create the hillside for the house cut the green foam to resemble the profile of a hill with the highest point in the back corner of the long side of the foam piece. Slope it downward to create the idea of going down the hill towards the river. Contour the other side of the river to go slightly uphill forming a river bed. Hot glue it in place in the bottom of the tray. Green foam can be added at the top of the hill to give it more height if desired.
  5. Place the sheet of adhesive moss on top of the foam, cutting out areas for the river, the hut and leaving the river area open.
  6. In the river area, glue the rocks down by applying a path of hot glue and then dumping the pebbles on top. Use some bigger stones on the sides of the river to feel like a riverbank. Pour the bottle of nail polish onto the riverbed, brushing the stones to give it the look of water.
  7. Place the house at the highest point, gluing it down with a big pile of hot glue.
  8. Nestle bushes and trees around the house, varying the sizes of round mosses and tree then hot glue in place.
  9. Glue the white birch rounds behind the house to give it a kind of backdrop in which to glue trees and shrubs around it to make the hut appear nestled in the hillside.
  10. Attach bushes to the outside of the sidewalls and glue in place the teeter-totter, turtles and such.
  11. Glue the stepping stones in place to create a path to the river. Add additional items to fill out the scene.