Nautical Yo-Yo and Button Necklace

Nautical Yo-Yo and Button Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Dritz
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  • 6" fabric squares (4)
  • Dritz® Sewing Notions:
  • 3/16" Cable Cord (72")
  • Swivel hook
  • 3/4" D-ring
  • Liquid Stitch™
  • Fray Check™
  • Assorted Belle Buttons™
  • Scissors
  • White thread
  • Jute or other decorative thread
  • Needle & coordinating thread
  • Tape (optional)
  • Sewing machine (optional)




  1. Cut the fabric into 6" circles.
  2. To create the yo-yos, fold the edge of a circle in 1/4" towards the wrong side of the fabric, and run your needle and thread around the circumference of the circle 1/8" in from the fold. At the end, pull both ends of the thread to gather the fabric into a bubble. Flatten the fabric with the gathered thread at the center and tie the ends of the thread to secure. Trim strings.
  3. Form a half circle with the four finished yo-yos. Hand or machine stitch together.
  4. Tie thread through button holes for a stitched appearance. Position the buttons on top of the yo-yos.
  5. Stitch or glue the buttons in place with Liquid Stitch™. Allow to dry.
  6. To create the necklace, sew one of the D-rings to the top edge of one end yo-yo. Sew to the underside so the curved end extends slightly.
  7. Cut the Cable Cord into 3, 24" strands. Insert the ends of all three pieces through the ring in the Swivel Hook. Place a line of Liquid Stitch™ across all three stands about 1" from the ends, and fold the ends through the hook and over into the glue. Tightly wrap white thread around the cord and folded ends close to the ring. Wrap several times to secure; tie ends.
  8. Braid the loose ends of the cord. (TIP: To prevent ends from untwisting while braiding, wrap tape around each end.) To finish, wrap cord ends with thread as in step 7 and tie. Trim off taped ends and excess cord on both ends. Apply Fray Check™ to seal.
  9. Stitch the braided end of the cord to the other end of the yo-yo embellishment, attaching it to the underside.
  10. Attach the Swivel Hook to the D-ring to close.


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